flat road, road signs with curves, near Davis, California

Davis Double Century

I guess I did not enjoy doing the Davis Double this year. Part of the reason was doing this double century for the third year in a row, so the scenery was nothing new. However, there were other factors. This is what I wrote to a friend in an email the following day:

My 200-mile ride in Davis was hell again! This time we had to deal with frigid temps, obnoxious headwinds and RAIN! I guess it was better than dealing with 105 F heat last year but not much. I also hurt my ankle again. I think that will be my last double century for a long time cuz it has ceased to be much fun… believe it or not, I am not *that* much of a masochist!

After this experience, never did I think I would be doing the event for a fourth year in a row, nor that I would immensely enjoy it. But I did do it again in 1999.

Ride Summary

  • 197 mi, through Solano and Napa Counties
  • 13.5 mph, moving average
  • 15.8 hours overall; 5:10-21:00. This is 1:20 more than my 1996 time but 1:00 less than my 1997 time.
  • max speed: 43.5 mph
  • food tally: tons of water, granola bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cookies!
  • favorite treat: chicken noodle soup (as always in Davis), 35 mi from the finish



  • Scenery: 1+. It’s boring except for in the
  • Support/Organization: 4-
  • Food: 4. Generally good, especially the chicken noodle soup!.
  • Relative difficulty: 3+ Cold, wet, and *windy*!
  • Overall rating: 2
flat road, road signs with curves, near Davis, California
Nearing the end of the 1997 Davis Double Century.