Featured photo for MGs at Jack London Square

MGs at Jack London Square

Today Goldie and I attended MGs at Jack London Square, hosted by the MG Owners Club. Over 100 MGs were in attendance, and Goldie even won 3rd place in the chrome-bumpered MG category. That is the first award she’s ever won.

Some purrrrty examples of the MGA,a car I think I would like to ownand restore some day.
MGB's! MGB's! The well-maintained blue oneis Joe's, and the yellow one, of course,is Goldie. Those people are lookingat her bike rack right now.
Goldie, my '69 MGB.
MGB's by the harbor.
Some MGTF's! The light-colored onebelongs to Thomas and his lovely wife,who used to be virtual neighbors inBerkeley!
A right-hand drive TC? Very nice!
Scott Johnson's MGTC with itsstunning custom grill.
A TD (?) with a teddy bear beingthe pilot from the toneau cover.Watch out Snoopy.
The band.
All right... bagpipes.
Even the bagpipe chicks came.Needless to say we all had a greattime.