MGs at Jack London Square

Today Goldie and I attended MGs at Jack London Square, hosted by the MG Owners Club. Over 100 MGs were in attendance, and Goldie even won 3rd place in the chrome-bumpered MG category. That is the first award she’s ever won.

Some purrrrty examples of the MGA,a car I think I would like to ownand restore some day.MGB's! MGB's! The well-maintained blue oneis Joe's, and the yellow one, of course,is Goldie. Those people are lookingat her bike rack right now.Goldie, my '69 MGB.MGB's by the harbor.Some MGTF's! The light-colored onebelongs to Thomas and his lovely wife,who used to be virtual neighbors inBerkeley!A right-hand drive TC? Very nice!Scott Johnson's MGTC with itsstunning custom grill.A TD (?) with a teddy bear beingthe pilot from the toneau cover.Watch out Snoopy.The band.All right... bagpipes.Even the bagpipe chicks came.Needless to say we all had a greattime.

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