Featured photo for MGs at Jack London Square

MGs at Jack London Square

Photos from MGs at Jack London Square. As usual, the harbor turned out to be one of the most perfect venues for our MGs, and not just because it was named after a guy aptly named “London”. A couple of other British cars were there too, including the new Qvale Mangusta.

Red MGB in front of California Canoe & Kayak at Jack London Square.
Two red chrome-bumpered MGBs.  The one on the left is Bob Stine's.
There was even a newish Triumph Bonneville motorcycle on hand.
Two sparkling, light blue MGAs... both very nicely restored.  The one on the left is Mike Jacobsen's, who reportedly has put on several HUNDRED of THOUSANDS of miles on his in the several decades he has owned it!
Reflection of a red MGA on the glass windows of a boutique store.
Rear view of a black MGA, owned by Greg Paulsen.
The legendary Kjell Qvale [pronouced "shell kah-vah-lee", who was single-handedly responsible for the import of many (most) British sports cars into the U.S. back in the 50s, gave a talk about MG and Qvale automobiles.
Qvale's latest creation, the Qvale Mangusta, manufactured in Modena, Italy, not too far from where Lamborghini and Ferrari has factories.  A few hundred are imported to the U.S.; later, it will be the basis for the upcoming MG supercar!
MG TC, the model that started America's love affair with sports cars.
Mike Jacobsen's light blue MGA (again) in front of TGI Fridays.  Looks so appropriate!
Goldie was there, marking her return to the event for the first time in 4 or so years.
Goldie's interior, featuring the custom wooden center console in which I installed Smiths gauges in January 1997.