Featured photo for Denver – Boulder, CO

Denver – Boulder, CO

This was my second trip to Colorado ever. In addition to attending Adrienne’s wedding ceremony, I did some indoor rock climbing with Ken and ran the Mt. Evans Ascent with Anne and Shane, visited Red Rocks in Golden, and spent some time in Denver, Longmont, and Boulder.

Colorado must have made a good enough impression on me because two years later, I moved there!

[Denver] After arriving in Denver, I got to do some indoor rock climbing with my friend Ken at the Rock 'n Jam gym.  Here's Ken showing how it's done in the boulder cave.
[Denver] Felix Wong messing around on a crack climb.
[Longmont] At Adrienne and Micah's lovely new home, we had a delicious pancake breakfast where I got to meet both sides of the family and see several ol' friends.
[Boulder] A fountain at the Pearl Street Mall, with the iconic Flatirons in the background.
[Boulder] At the Pearl Street Mall, a dude was juggling sticks of flames while balancing on a ladder!
[Boulder] This is "the Res" (or Boulder Reservoir), where Adrienne and Micah's wedding celebrations were held.  The Res was the cool place to hang out while Shane was living in Denver 10 years ago.
[Boulder] Happy couples: Jonathan and Brenda in the center, and Michael and Amanda to the left.
[Boulder] Shane and Anne putting on socks after a thunderstorm crept in while playing volleyball at the Res.
[Boulder] Felix, also after playing volleyball, and Adrienne, who was still as beautiful (and all smiles) as ever!
[Golden] After the epic Mt. Evan's Ascent (click here for photos), I spent the afternoon at Red Rocks Park (which turned out to be more of an amphitheatre) to do some hiking, stretching, and meditation.  No climbing was allowed, unfortunately!