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1969 MGB

Welcome to the page dedicated to Goldie, my cheery “Pale Primrose” ’69 MGB! We were together from November 1995 to November 2007 and had so many adventures to speak of. Notable accessories include genuine chrome wire wheels, luggage rack, tonneau cover, wooden center console and aluminum cylinder head. And yes, she does have a stow-away hood, although she prefers going “topless”…

I was the third owner of the car. Until 1999, Goldie was driven daily and at times up to 16,000 miles per year. She defined the beginning of an era for me—one of fun, freedom, and passion.

In 2002 I rebuilt her engine and although she got a lot more rest afterwards, the adventures continued. We even did a highly eventful, 1150-mile, 25-hour road trip in 2006.

We ultimately parted ways due to my twin goals of simplifying and becoming more eco-friendly, but I will never forget my MG. Not to mention, her spirit lives on in her replacement of sorts, a 2003 Buell Blast.

Custom Wood Dash

interior of 1969 MGB, custom wooden center console

The wooden center console was custom handcrafted by the previous owner, Leonard Baird. It looked like he used oak that was one inch thick, some varnish, and reliable military-style pull-switches to replace some of Lucas’. The console was carved neatly for a functional AM/FM stereo/tape player that looks original for 1969. The console never cracked, and it could easily pass for stock—a tribute to Len’s woodworking skill and craftsmanship.

Back Seat from MGB/GT

back seat in yellow MGB Roadster

The previous owner installed a backseat from an MGB/GT. Amazingly, it fits perfectly in there. Also note that there is some legroom back there with the passenger seat all the way up! Unfortunately, the person sitting on the back seat will be looking clear over the windshield.

I ended up removing the rear seat entirely for easier access to the battery. It also left more room for groceries on the parcel shelf. Indeed, someone could fit better (lower) in the rear without the BGT seat in there. My friend Venus rode back there a lot while her friend Jennie was visiting, and she’d sit on the parcel bench with her legs stretch out sideways.

Custom Plates

California license plates that say [Heart] MT RDS

Because she “loves mountain roads,” “loves empty roads,” and “loves mountain rides” (when she brings me to cycling events)! These plates benefit Kids’ Safety Programs throughout California.

[May 17, 1996] Off to Davis, CA for the Davis Double Century, the very first 200-mile bike ride I did.
[August 7, 2003] Goldie at Lam, where I worked at from until 2005.  Yes, quite a contrast with a hulking Hummer H2.
[March 20, 2004] Goldie took Sharon and I around the famous Laguna Seca racetrack in Monterey amongst her MG brethren.
[February 6, 2005] In Santa Cruz for the Super Bowl 10k.  That was the last time I drove ultra-curvy Highway 17... great drive.
[June 16, 2006] My dear friends Frank and Mila had let me store Goldie at their place in Stockton for a whole year after I moved out of Fremont.  Thanks!
[June 20, 2006] Goldie in Tilden Park in Berkeley after awakening from hibernation.
[June 24, 2006] Off to another cool bike adventure, this time the Giro di Peninsula with pretty Peggy.
[July 26, 2006] Epic drive through Nevada on the way to Colorado.
[July 26, 2006] The drive included three flat tires, but we still made it to Fort Collins in 25 hours!
[September 15, 2007] Goldie spent the rest of the time under my ownership in Fort Collins, driven only a few hundred miles.  Here she is with Tori (who was visiting for the weekend), who'd be the last person to ride as a passenger.
[November 1, 2007] The last dance, on some of the dirt backroads near home.  There you have it, a dozen years of memories.  Great little car, but time to move on.
[August 9, 1996] While living in Palo Alto for the summer, I spent a whole weekend removing Goldie's trim so she could be repainted.  Here she is back from her new paint job.
[September 18, 1996] Wonderful road trip down Highway 1 along the California coast.
[May 2, 1998] I had graduated a year ago and was living in Fremont, but Goldie was a still great parts runner for fixing Venus' Merkur in the Stanford parking lot.
[May 30, 1998] Goldie won 3rd place in the chrome-bumpered MGB category at the MGs at Jack London Square car show.
[May 5, 2002] Installing her newly-rebuilt engine.
[February 1, 2003] From 2000-2003, Goldie shared the garage with Lina the Z3.  When I sold the Z3, Goldie was back as my daily driver for seven months until the arrival of the Alfa Romeo.
[May 19, 2003] Carrying home a huge bike box for Paris-Brest-Paris.  Who needs a huge SUV?
[June 6, 2003] Goldie in what I dubbed "sports car alley" in Fremont, since it seemed like everyone I lived around had sports cars!
[January 1996] Goldie in the Stanford parking lot, a couple of months after I bought her.  Note the 1970 grille.  In half-a-year, I'd replace it with an early style, chrome ribbed one.