Henry Coe State Park, CA Felix Wong

Due to the abundant California rains of February and March, the hills of Henry Coe were nice and verdant. So Ken, Marianne, Stacy and I did something of a wildlife hike, about 7 miles long, along a trail I’ve already forgotten the name of. More pics are here.

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A hurt bird at Henry Coe State Park.  Or so we thought--it rapidly flew away after we watched it for a full minute. Here's Ken leading the way. Stacy looking up the name of this tree.  I already forgot what it was called. There were a few rocks pretty good for bouldering. Stacy on the trail. Small lake. fw Lots of madrone. We picnicked at this site with lots of wildflowers. Marianne crossing a creek. Due to the abundant California rains of February, March, and April, the park was very verdant!

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