Mason Trail, Fort Collins Felix Wong

A couple of weeks ago, NextNC (a weekly Northern Colorado publication) asked me to write an article about Fort Collins’ newest bicycle/pedestrian trail, the Mason Trail. Hence, in the spirit of investigative reporting, I took Carrie out for a 30-mile ride to check it out. Never mind that entailed riding through some snowflakes and a 40-mph headwind on a 25-degree day, one of only three non-spring-like days we had this March in Fort Collins.

The article is here (PDF, 467 KB).

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The Mason Trail currently stops at the Spring Creek Trail, but hopefully within the next couple of years it will go through Colorado State University, which is less than a mile north. Right now there is a "hole in the fence" to allow cyclists/pedestrians to cross the railroad tracks to enter the Whole Foods shopping center.  Within a year a safer underpass will be constructed here in its place. Carrie with some nice squid art near the southern terminus of the Mason Trail. The trail is adjacent to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

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