Ann & Stacey’s Visit Felix Wong

“Felix,” Stacey said while patting my arm and laughing, “there are some weeeiird people here in Fort Collins…”

What prompted her to say this was the sight of a young man waving as we sat in a car in front of his house. Now, in this super friendly town, this would hardly be a big deal except the guy was also sitting down with a laptop in his lap… on a roof.

We had fun during the rest of Stacey and Ann’s weekend visit including encountering other friendly Fort Collinsers. You can check out these photos for a recap.

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Stacey in front of Horsetooth Reservoir.  Photo: Ann Podbielski.Stout, Colorado: Population 47-1/2.  Photo: Ann Podbielski.Stacey with a double-decker bicycle parked next to Jeju's. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Felix, Ann, and Tim at lunch at Jeju's.  Photo: Ann Podbielski.The owner (a girl!) of the double-decker bike rides away. Photo: Ann Podbielski.A horse on a hand in Old Town Plaza. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Stacey and Felix Wong with a bear. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Posing in Old Town. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Women with PMS? Photo: Ann Podbielski.A guy with a laptop on the roof of his house waves. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Tim at Colorado State University's Annual Flower Trial Garden. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Our "Stonehenge". Photo: Ann Podbielski.Felix Wong on the piano with a nice sunset out the window. Photo: Ann Podbielski.Felix Wong fiddles with his swim cap before taking a dip in Richard's Lake. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)Stacey tries to hide from the sun. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)The water was nice and warm. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)The Horsetooth mountains behind picturesque Richard's Lake. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)Ann, the pool shark.  She went 4-0 against Stacey and I. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)Stacey tried a behind-the-back shot, and actually made it! Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)Afterwards we headed over to Lucky Joe's for Open Mic Night. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)Yes, I got a little tipsy that night. Photo: Ann Podbielski. (July 22, 2007)

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