FC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Felix Wong

This morning the Fort Collins Running Club walked in Fort Collins’ annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Amazingly, despite there being a large number of humans, the number of legs belonging to low center-of-gravity bow-wowers nearly equaled those of the bipeds in our group. Here are photos and a video from this blindingly green event.

As you can see, there was much whooping and hollering in the above video, especially by our energetic treasurer, Connie.

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture on video the best exhortation I overheard from the crowd: “Hooray for skinny people!”

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Cathy and a bunch of doggies.Katie and Tom with Griffin the Great Dane.Katie's other dog.Another dog.Cathy's dog named Angus.A St. Patrick's Day float.Walking down College Ave. in Old Town Fort Collins.Nice hair!

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