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With my dad finally ending an illustrious career as a radiology oncologist after 36 years, his department threw him a surprise retirement party. So one evening, Katia, my brothers, and dad’s co-workers gathered together in a Chinese restaurant in west Stockton and awaited my mom who was bringing him in.

My dad was surprised all right. Problem is, he hates surprises.

Nevertheless, after the initial shock wore off, it seemed like he had a good time. The department even shared a few stories, and we sang a song for him.

The next morning, we hung out a little bit at my mom and dad’s home, and my mom gave us a tour of all the fruit trees on their property, which is where the photos below are from. It was a very brief visit, but just as well—my folks were leaving soon to go to Disneyland with my older brother’s family. Not a bad way to begin one’s retirement: to go on a road trip and meet Mickey Mouse.

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The pictures below were taken with a Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS.

A rotating owl. My mom, Katia and my dad in my folks' garden. In front of a fruit tree. Mom and a lemon tree. Admiring the flowers. Katia juicing some fruit. A photo in front of a naked statue. Me and Katia. The little Fiat 500 rental car. By complete coincidence, I ran into my friend Trang from high school! Quail. Shrimp dumpling and tofu. Katia trying some chicken feet. This chicken foot seemed to be flipping the bird.

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