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I recently discovered that it is possible to make scrambled eggs in the microwave.

For many other people this may be hardly surprising. But for someone who has more often than not used his microwave as a kitchen timer instead of a cooking appliance, this was worthy of a Eureka! moment. You see, I have a tendency to burn, fry, or overcook my eggs by not being attentive enough. The microwave is also a few minutes faster.

This is the basic procedure:

  1. Dump an egg + egg whites into a microwave-safe container. This should be ceramic or microwave-safe glass and not plastic, which can leach potentially harmful plasticizers into food.
  2. Use the microwave cook mode specifically for eggs. (My Maytag microwave has this at least.)
  3. Press “start.” Midway through the two-or-so minute cycle, the microwave beeps to ask you to stop it and scramble the eggs. Resume cooking afterward.
  4. VoilĂ ! Perfectly scrambled eggs.

Microwaved eggs in a white ceramic bowl.

Easy and quick, huh? And it’s safe!

I think I will continue to do this most of the time I make my eggs.

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