Route Sheets for CA Centuries & Double Centuries

Here are route sheets for various CA century and double century rides. Most of the route sheets for club-organized rides are scanned in DjVu format, which is like PDF format except that 1) the file sizes are smaller and 2) the software to create DjVu files is free, unlike Adobe Acrobat ($200). You may have to download the plugin (less than 1MB) for your browser, though. (Note: starting in 2005, I will post in PDF format only for your convenience. Now that I am using a Mac I can do this easily without purchasing Adobe Acrobat, since print-to-PDF capability is built into Mac OS/X.)

Some of the scanned route sheets lack clarity--keep in mind that many of them spent time in my jersey pockets at the time of the ride and hence became quite crumpled. But each of them are readable enough to be useful, I hope!

Club-Organized Rides

Felix's Self-Supported Rides