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MGB Engine Removal

I finally got around to pulling my MGB’s engine. It took about a day to do so using an engine hoist that a co-worker lent me. The engine removal process was fairly easy and required about six hours of labor, excluding breaks. I was taking my time and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was. (Of course, installing the engine was a different matter.)

Afterwards, I rented a U-haul pick-up truck and brought the engine to Fremont Machine Shop, which was only a mile away. When I got there, two big dudes manhandled the engine block from the pickup bed, put it in a shopping cart, and rolled it into the machine shop across the parking lot. A funny sight, but impressive.

In my garage with the engine hoist my coworker generously lent me.  Thanks, Rick!
Goldie's engine sans cylinder head, which I had removed to diagnose the problem in April of last year!
I had to spend an additional 6 or so hours removing various components to get to this point...
Success!  Felix Wong removing the engine and transmission with the engine hoist.
I now begin the laborous cleaning/degreasing process, scraping away three decades' worth of grease and grime.
Here's a picture taken after I unbolted the tranny from the engine and did hours worth of cleaning.  Note that the engine is now red and the transmission silver!