Route Sheets for Organized Rides

Here are route sheets for various California century and double century rides (a few are from Colorado, Oregon, and South Dakota).

Some of the scanned route sheets lack clarity–keep in mind that many of them spent time in my jersey pockets at the time of the ride and hence became quite crumpled. But each of them are readable enough to be useful, I hope!

Club-Organized Rides

Bass Lake Powerhouse Double, CA ’05 (PDF)
Badlands 200k Brevet, SD ’07 (PDF)
Bay in a Day Double, CA ’05 (PDF)
Butterfield Double, CA ’05 (PDF)
Central Coast Double, CA ’99 (PDF)
Climb to Kaiser, CA ’03 (PDF)
Davis Double, CA ’96 (PDF)
Davis 200km Brevet, CA ’03 (PDF)
Davis 300km Brevet, CA ’03 (PDF)
Davis 400km Brevet, CA ’03 (PDF)
Davis 600km Brevet, CA ’03 (PDF)
Death Ride, CA ’02 (PDF)
Death Valley Double, CA ’00 (PDF)
Delta Century, CA ’96 (PDF)
Devil Mountain Double, CA ’99 (PDF)
Eastern Sierra Double, CA ’98 (PDF)
Eldorado Century, CA ’94 (PDF)
Eldorado Metric Century, CA ’93 (PDF)
Fort Collins Cycling Club Spring Warm-Up Ride, CO ’07 (PDF)
Foxy’s Fall Century, CA ’97 (PDF)
Giro di Peninsula, CA ’06 (PDF)
Gold Rush, CA ’95 (PDF)
Grand Tour Double, CA ’97, lowland route (PDF)
GWBR Vineyard Century, CA ’05 (PDF)
Knoxville Double, CA ’02 (PDF)
Knoxville Double, CA ’00 (PDF)
Marin Century, CA ’03 (PDF)
Mt. Tam Double, CA ’04 (PDF)
Mountain Top Cycling Club Experience Ride, CO ’13 (PDF)
Mulholland Double, CA ’04 (PDF)
Primavera Century, CA ’98 (PDF)
Primavera Metric Century, CA ’97 (PDF)
RMCC 300k Brevet, CO ’07 (PDF)
RMCC 400k Brevet, CO ’07 (PDF)
RMCC 600k Brevet, CO ’07 (PDF)
Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, CA ’02 (PDF)
Sierra Century 200k, CA ’05 (PDF)
Solvang Double, CA ’99 (PDF)
Tierra Bella Metric Double, CA ’01 (PDF)
Torture 10,000, CA (Oregon) ’05 (PDF)
Tour de Napa Valley Century, CA ’98 (PDF)
Tour du Jour Century, CA ’98 (PDF)
World’s Toughest Century, Superstar Course, CA ’02 (PDF)

Self-Supported Rides

All self-supported rides are listed in category Self-Supported Rides. The ones for CA are in the San Francisco Bay Area, and most start from Fremont and are about 100 miles. These routes sheets are all in HTML format.

[Mile 160, 6:28 p.m.] The view doesn't get much better than this.  Canny and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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  • Mike McGeough says:


    I use your web pages often for reviews, route sheets, etc. for double century rides. I’d like to meet you and thank you sometime; your web pages are great.

    We’ll be at Eastern Sierra in 2 weeks. I just downloaded the route sheet from you. Are you going to be there?

    Mike and Karen

  • JT says:

    Great site and VERY helpful, thanks for posting all of these. 🙂

  • Joan says:

    I just discovered your website. Thanks for the great info. Now I know that the Davis Double’s 8K elevation is not as steep or uninterrupted at the Chico Wildflower Century’s 4K. DDC is doable.

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