Northern Italy

Italy. The land of art, tradition, and romance; the place where form meets function; the home of Ferraris, Ducatis, and gondolas. A country about what dreams are made of. Or at least, grand vacations…

Ah yes, my “grand vacation.” Carolyn–my girlfriend at the time, once the love of my life–would be there. It would be during her inter-semester break from Imperial College of the University of London. We had it planned out–we would meet up at the Malpensa Airport in Milan, and from there, head to Venice, supposedly one of the world’s most romantic cities. Then, to either the cobblestone-streets of Ferrara, or over to Modena, where the Ferrari Museum was nearby. Afterwards, we would head out to the west coast of Italy, to the Italian Riviera. After a couple of days of splendid hikes and passionate boat rides, it would be back to Milan, where we would depart to our respective homes. Eight whole days of bliss before it would be back to our long-distance relationship.

Things didn’t quite turn out that way…

Carolyn in Venice.Town of Ferrara. (October 25, 1999)Clock tower in Ferrara. (October 25, 1999)A pretty Ferrari GTO. (October 29, 1999)Galleria Ferrari. (October 29, 1999)Michael Schumacher's helmet. (October 29, 1999)Marie Graciente in Milan. (October 29, 1999)Modena. (October 29, 1999)The Piazza San Marco.Santa Maria Della Grazie in Milan. (October 28, 1999)Vaporettos in Venice.

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