Emerald Bay, CA

Emerald Bay is in Lake Tahoe, CA. Tori and I went here to join some of her friends at a cabin for the holidays and do some hiking.

On the way back to the Bay Area, we stopped by Lover’s Leap, a classic crack climb that is popular with rock climbers.

Tree on the Rubicon Trail.Nice view from the trail!Clear blue water.Emerald Bay.Pretty Tori on the trail.The view of the trail before heading back.Mike and Kevin on Ward Creek Lake Trail. (December 31, 2000)Snow among the trees. (December 31, 2000)Snow all over the place! (December 31, 2000)Tori doing the Happy Dance! (December 31, 2000)A summit in the distance. (December 31, 2000)Kevin and Tori looking chilly!  (December 31, 2000)Mike "Judge" Judge, our faithful photographer and documentarist. (December 31, 2000)Mike as the Fallen Angel. (December 31, 2000)Lovers' Leap on the first day of the new millennium! (January 1, 2001)A couple of cute things at Lovers. (January 1, 2001)

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