Featured photo for New Home

New Home

Pictures from June of my new home are up, albeit with the previous owner’s furniture. After spending the entire month of July getting my own furniture, painting walls, etc., the house looks a bit different inside.

This is the community my home is in.  It is gated.
My home is this one!
Perhaps the most beautiful feature is the curving stairway leading from the foyer.
The dining area.  The seller hadn't moved out yet when I snapped these pics, so this is her furniture.
The kitchen.  Yes, I will be cooking!
The living room.  It has a gas fireplace and a built in place for the TV.
A sliding door (behind the sofa) gives access to the balcony from the living room.  Bedrooms are on the 3rd floor.
One of the things that attracted me here: Lake Elizabeth, just a couple blocks away!  The prominent mission hills are in the background.
Lake Elizabeth/Central Park again... you can even see Mission Peak from here, about 3 miles away.  BART, the library, and several gyms are also nearby.