Featured photo for China Camp, CA

China Camp, CA

Below are some notes from my camping trip with Sarah. I never did get around to writing a full report, but it was a fun trip of driving, camping, and hiking. Photos are here however.


  • Dinner entre: Bengal lentils, Tasty Bite Brand, from Trader Joe’s, with pita bread
  • 2nd dinner entre: Roasted garlic and sundried tomato angel hair pasta, also from Trader Joe’s
  • Desert: organic chocolate bar
  • Breakfast: “hot vanilla” (condensed skim milk and vanilla protein powder)
  • peanut butter and bread
  • carrots
  • granola
  • Esbit stove worked great! (used 4 Esbit solid fuel pellets total for dinner and breakfast)


  • put tent on leaf-insulated ground, did not use sleeping pad or pillow, worked great, stayed warm
  • Wore fleece socks, thermal underwear, and “quick-draw” fleece hat during night, gloves
  • during day: running shoes, 2 pairs nylon socks, thermals, waterproof shell. stayed comfortable, no blisters
  • high 40s throughout night
  • spoon good enough for all foods except for maybe noodles
  • did not need compression sack for sleeping bag
  • pack weight, with food and water, was under 30 lbs! And can do better still…

Hiking Route:

  • California Hiking book was totally wrong for this hike, authors on crack
  • Trails: Skyline–Ranger Station–Oak Ridge–left on Miwok for 90 feet–right on Bay View Trail–Skyline trail. 12 miles
Tending to our angel hair pasta for dinner. If you must know, the pasta on the fire pit outside of the pot was due to Sarah's little "pasta accident"!
Warming up some "hot vanilla" in the morning.  Unfortunately the camera lens focused on our tent in the background instead of the intended subject.
Sarah climbing a tree in the early goings of our 12-mile hike...
Below the southeast boundary of the park were homes and what looked like a country club.
A very isolated patch of redwoods!
Mini water fall among mossy trees.
Down below the Bay View trail were funky switchbacks that would take us back to the end of our hike.