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Yangtze River Cruise

I had never gone a cruise before, so this was real treat! We spent five days on the river that, supposedly, Mao Tse Tung had swam in. The Victoria Cruiseliner featured three-star rooms and stopped at various towns along the way to Xian from Wuhan.

The most astonishing thing to see on the cruise were the markers on the side of the Yangtze River indicating what the level of the river would be in a few years. Due to China’s Three Gorges Dam project, the water level would be a few hundred feet higher, submersing entire towns under water. Over a million people would be displaced and relocated by the government. The benefits include flood control, power generation, more commerce transportation options, and acting as a potential hedge against drought.

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Our Victoria 1 cruise ship.
Model of how the Three Gorges will look like in the future when the controversial hydroelectric dam is built.  You can see my mom and dad back there.
Big cranes and other construction equipment.
Passing a cute little boat on the Yangtze.  This was before we started spotting dead pigs in the water!
After entering the ship lock at Gezhouba Dam, the back gates closed behind us.  The shiplock filled with water and the ship gradually rose to the level of the water at the front gates.
The site of the future hydroelectric plant.
Karen, Felix, Martrese, and John drinking coffee or tea out of their "parting gifts".
Photo: Martrese Beck
Karen attempting to fly a fish on the boat.  This was hours after a huge butterfly kite hit my room window during a kite demonstration and woke me up!
During the Victoria talent show, Karen snapped this pic for me saying she was taking a picture of my future girlfriend.  But which one is she?
I committed a faux pas by not attending Martrese and Karen's Friday cocktail party, but they graciously sent me an invite for cocktails at Club 228 the next day "or else suffer the horrific consequences"
Karen in the musical chairs contest.
Oh dear, cute Karen gets disqualified!
Karen takes another picture of another (or same?) future girlfriend with my camera.  Let me guess, the person at the far right in a pink dress??