Carolyn’s Visit

Pics from Carolyn’s weekend visit.

Bowling with Aaron, Carolyn, Loren, and Suzie.  Here's Suzie!Suzie giving bf Loren a cute look.My bud Loren after giving it a try.Felix Wong cooking Carolyn dinner the next day, in time for La Noche Espanola... (November 10, 2002)...but Carolyn seemed to be more impressed by Ethan, winner of Survivor III, in this Giorgio Armani ad instead, for some reason! (November 10, 2002)Carolyn all bundled up as Felix's "Muslim girl" on the way to Stockton, top down and all. (November 11, 2002)Carolyn with my good friends, Frank and Mila, in Stockton. (November 11, 2002)Felix, the Tiger Woods-beater (not), showing Carolyn how it's done (again, not) at Golfland in Stockton. (November 11, 2002)Carolyn doing the dreaded volcano!. (November 11, 2002)Carolyn in front of the new WinCo in Stockton, where one can buy 5 lbs of tortilla chips for like $2.50 (if one had the urge to eat 5 lbs. of tortilla chips for some reason...) (November 11, 2002)Carolyn with my mom after dinner. (November 11, 2002)That's my dad with Carolyn. (November 11, 2002)

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