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Laguna Seca, CA

MG Historic Weekend at Laguna Seca Raceway. Got to drive around the track with Sharon in the passenger seat. Here are excerpts from an event report submitted by the president of the MG Owners’ Club, Dan Shockey:

Saurday was the bigger day for MGs at the track. According to Michael Romo, there were 95 MGs that went on the track tour at noon and an additional 25 that stayed in the corral. MGs continued to arrive throughout the afternoon. We estimate that 140 MGs participated in the club portion of the event on Saturday. There were also 33 MGs that were entered in the vintage races. Sunday was a good crowd, also, with the corral about half full. (Did anyone else count MGs? We will try to sort it out from the waiver form info, etc. I received RSVP’s from 180 MGs.)

The MG clubs had 86 rooms reserved at the Laurel Inn and may have ended up with more than that (depending on the relative numbers of cancellations and late comers.) The hospitality room at the Laurel Inn was well attended on both Friday and Saturday evenings. This turned out to be a surprizingly successful part of the event. (Thank you to the MG Owners Club who organized the room and purchased the drinks and snacks.)

We had 150 or so people at Tarpy’s RoadHouse for the Saturday evening dinner. The atmosphere, food and service were very appealing.

I truly believe that this was an unique opportunity to have all these historic figures and MGs in one place. Many people have asked about repeating the event. I believe that we – the several MG clubs involved – will discuss if there is a way to create a regular event at Laguna Seca that combines vintage racing with MG clubs participation. This would not have to involve HMSA though, of course, we would be very interested if they invited us back.

An all-British endeavor might make sense. This could be along the lines of the Portland, Oregon, all-British meet at Portland Intl Raceway or the combined club and vintage race event at Watkins Glen. We have proved the attraction of Laguna Seca in drawing folks from all over. Ideas are welcome.

We only had 7 to 8 weeks to throw the event together from when we first got wind of it in late January. Thank you for your patience as it was not as well organized as we would have liked. There was so much more we could have done if there was time to prepare. I believe we could have doubled the number of MGs present if there was more notice as well.

What a fun weekend!

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Stopping by Sharon's place on a sunny spring morning en route to Laguna Seca for the MG Reunion Weekend.
We caravaned over part way with other members of the MG Owner's Club.  Here in the parking lot, it took a couple of people (and a knock-off hammer!) to take apart an MGB's stowaway top.
Sharon and I (along with Burt, my neighbor, and Nikki following in a white '63 MGB) got lost around seaside, but still made it to Laguna Seca at the same time as some of the others we initially caravaned with who went an entirely different route!
After having to ascend a 16% grade, there it was... the racing paddock!
Goldie inside the racing paddock, getting a well-deserved breather after getting pretty hot on that 16% grade.
Photo: Troy Witzel of safetyfastclub.com
While searching for the restrooms we saw some really cool cars.  Here's a white MGA race car.
This is a very nice vintage British motorcycle.
This is a geniune Shelby Cobra race car, not a kit!  As you can see from the plates it's serial number CSX4230.
Of course I was also happy to see quite a few Alfa Romeos!
A British racing green MG R1, which was pretty dominating during the races later in the day.
Roy Brizio brought one of his famed hot rods... but it didn't race.
Now, the main event: getting all lined up for the noontime all-MG track tour!
Getting in line was this gorgeous red MGA race car with white racing stripes.
Here's Sharon who would be my co-pilot today.
Felix, all set to go in his faithful B, with mandatory helmet and all.  Thanks to Carlos for lending me his Shoei motorcycle helmet!
Woohoo!  Here we are exiting the pits...
and getting on the legendary Laguna Seca race track!!!
And here we are after making a pass going up the Rahal Straight...
...and through the Corkscrew!
The view from behind.  We ended up doing 5 or so laps, I think.
After the track tour we hung around to watch all the vintage races.
Sharon and Felix.