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SF Auto Show

Checked out the new cars at the SF International Auto Show with family friend Rose. While there were not more than a handful of concept cars on display, the sheer number of stylish, zoomy offerings was heartening. It was like being in a candy store for a 7-year-old kid! I used to think of the 1960s as the Golden Age of automobiles, but seeing today’s vehicles may make me reconsider otherwise.

At the San Francisco International Auto Show (my first time going), GM had an entire display of every generation of Corvettes.  Here is the latest, 6th generation, which is a foot shorter than the 5th.  I like it!
Some of my favorite Corvettes at the show... these from the 1950s.
Check out the stars-and-stripes rocker covers on this C5 Corvette!
My very favorite car at the entire auto show: the Pontiac Solstice.  This is a concept car, but will be in production next year.  Let's hope GM keeps their production "back-to-the-basics" sports car very similar to this one!
Interior of the Solstice... very elegant and classic.
Rear view of the Solstice.
At under $20k, the Solstice will be good competition for the Mazda Miata.  Shown here is the 700,000th Miata produced--a car that has totally gained my respect and appreciation for over the years.
I liked the Solstice even more than this BMW Z4.  Then again, I still don't think the Z4 is nearly as good-looking as my former 2000 Z3!
The Smart car makes it to the U.S., currently being distributed by
This is the original Ford GT40 from the late 60s (or early 70s).  It was known as a "Ferrari killer" for its American-bred racing successes.
And here is the 2005 Ford GT (cost: >$100,000), which is almost a spitting image of the original!
The 2nd generation Dodge Viper: it's more attractive to my eye than the first generation, but looks slightly less masculine and imposing.
Old faithful: the long-living, but finally discontinued, Lotus Esprit.  Not many cars could have been made from 1976-2003 and still look this fresh.
One of the supercars of the show: a Mercedes gullwing.
I couldn't help but think this Honda Element would be great for triathlons with all of its carrying capacity.
There were even some motorcycles (like this stylin' Victory) at the show.  Unfortunately there were few concept cars, but still a good show.