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  • Sarah Toas says:

    Hey Felix,
    I just checked out the Murietta Falls photos and writeup. Thanks for recreating such fun memories. My favorite photo is the one of us in front of Diablo.
    Hope your week is going well!

  • Ed Kim says:

    I am interested in doing the Death Valley Double next week (hopefully my first!). Can you tell the best way to get to DV from SF?
    Also, is it worthwhile to take my NightRider lights (burntime~2hrs vs getting a vistalite)?
    Thanks for the advice.

  • My brother and I are avid road bike riders and want to plug into more groups / rides / people of the same crazy ilk – live to ride. I live in SF and my bro lives in Mt. View, but love Diablo and Hamilton and all the funky coastal climbs and back roads. If you know of any informal group rides that tend to be long and uphill, we’d like to know about them!

  • John says:

    I am planning to purchase a 10 year old cannondale criterion frame. Since you also have an old cannondale, is there anything you can advise to watch out for? What would you expect of longevity on the frame if it appears to be unmarred? Thanks for your time.

  • Mike DeMicco says:

    On your bike route sheets, all come up with an error message when I attempt to view them on the Mac using IE 5.1 and the latest DjVu plugin (using OS 9.2.2), but on Windows they work OK.

  • Hi Felix …
    I found your web site and am very impressed.
    I would like to add links to your ride reports it be O.K. to link to your good work?
    Are you sure you will leave the CalTripleCrown Ride Report pages up on your web site for the next few years?
    Best to you,

  • Jeff Hobert says:

    First off, great listing of centuries throughout the state! I wanted to see if you could add our event to your list: The October 12th Santa Barbara Bike Tour & Fest for MS. The event starts and finishes with a big party on the beach in Santa Barbara at Leadbetter Beach. There are Century, 60M, 30M, and 12M routes to choose from. The event benefits the Channel Islands Chapter of the National MS Society. The event is one which has experienced great growth in the past few years growing from 350 to an expected 3500 this year in just 4 years and I’m sure that your website will provide some great additional exposure! Our event website is and the contact person is Lisa Northrup at 805-682-8783 or you for your time!
    Best Regards,
    Jeff Hobert

  • Tom McIntire says:

    There is a ride not listed on your calendar sponsored by the ALA.
    The Two Rock and Roll Bike Trek is on June 1, 2002. The web link is I did this ride last year and enjoyed it very much. Please add it to your calendar.

  • Maury Cohen says:

    Great Story (1999 TT).
    I was on that ride myself (my first TT) and luckily had a great time. It really helps living on the route and knowing the roads!
    I’m going for my first CA Triple Crown this year. Davis, TT, and Knoxville (the Northern CA edition!).
    Will I see you at any of these rides this year?

  • Bill Rededington says:

    I noticed from one of the shots that you have an MGB which was fitted with a rear seat. Do you still have that seat? Interested in getting rid of it? I just purchased a ’66 MGB, and am thinking of fitting it with a rear seat, for the little kids on short rides.

  • Wayne Veatch says:

    Rod Williams in the last Octagon asked who might do engine work on his ’67 B. While not an engine issue but a transmission issue, I had very good service from William at Corte Madera British European in Corte Madera, Marin County. Rod should call him at 415 927 2995 and say Wayne Veatch recommended him.

  • R. M. Lee says:

    Have a 1970 MGB; hardtop, wires, been mostly stored for 10 yrs. Got any suggestions as to how to market it on the net?

  • j. perozzi says:

    There was a century ride June 30 in Chester, CA, this year. One of my bosses rode this year, and he only did 60 some miles. Didn’t notice it on your list.

  • david louff says:

    This is a great website! Thanks so much for putting it out there. I am hiking
    whitney 8/11 w/ 2 other people. We are all worried about the effects from higher
    elevation. I’ve hiked up to Mt. Baldy and around there. Will do San Gorgonio next
    week. What did you snack on along the way and how often were you

  • Lukas says:

    best greetings from the lovely south of France.
    I saw that you updated your road bike components list. There I noticed that you took the Stratics pedals out of the list.
    One question:
    Where do you get the cleats. Over here I can’t get hold of them. Do you have any suggestions how to get some?
    Thanks a have a nice day…

  • Erick Valles says:

    Hi Felix. I’m 34 and just getting into cycling and loving it. I’m interested in centuries and double centuries(someday). You have a great site with lots of info, however, I would like to get a map of the centuries routes in my area. Who would I have to talk to or where would I have to go to get that info?

  • Merv Hrabi says:

    Looking for a bike rack for my Z3.
    Can you tell the make & model of the one you use on your Z3 and other alternatives you may be aware of.

  • Phillip & Sheryl Terry says:

    Love the Z3. We have an atlantic blue 1997 Z3, but haven’t transported bicycles on it yet. Loved your web page. We’ve been collecting century maps, too, and developing some rides of our own. Like you, we agree it’s nice to be able to ride from your own front door. If you plan a visit to the Yosemite area to cycle or just a pleasure cruise in the Z3, and enjoy meeting people with similar interests, look us up.

  • brad says:

    hey, loved your climbing stuff. great photos! you’ve been to some cool spots!

  • alex says:

    Hi. I never knew there was climbing in Redwood City until I saw your web page. Where is the rock? Thanks a million for enlightening us!!

  • Jim Hill says:

    Hi; I thought your web-page was great. I too like old cars, I am currently driving and restoring a 1964 Ford Falcon, My favorite car I had in the past was a 1973 Jensen Healey. I found your name through the Confused hiking club and thought you and your group might be interested in trying a sample of a new raw vegan food that I am a distributor for. It comes from a company called The Brain Garden and comes in convient resealable cans. It is called Pulse and is made up of 26 fruits, nuts, grains, and seeds. Please feel free to go to my web-site at to get more information, and please send me a reply if you would like me to send you a free sample. Thanks Jim

  • Jimmy Jewell says:

    Dear staff members:
    I work as a cartoonist in China. I Just created a photo gallery about Shanghai and I’m asking for reciprocal links with your site. The URL of my site is: my email addr is: for your consideration!!
    Best regards
    Jimmy Jewell 10/12/02

  • Jon Jepko says:

    Would like info on the Death Valley 200 miler.

  • Luis Hernandez says:

    Hi ,
    well, first of all I have to say thank you , cuz if it wasn’t for yuo i’d probably be still looking for the Indian rock .
    I went once there and i felt in love with the place and i dunno how to get there and i wanna go back very bad , so i was wondering if you could give me the exact location of this park and if u can also directions coming from the south of the bay … that’d be lovely .
    well this is if u have time and all and if u do thanx SOOOOOO much .
    Luis Hernandez .

  • Ian Bouchard says:

    I like your page, mostly because your a european sports car snob like myself. But yeah keep it up!!!

  • Ed Mendenhall, DC says:

    I recently got a 1975 MGB. The engine has a terible knock in the low end. It needs rebuilding or replacement. Can you recommmend a shop in Santa Cruz or San Jose? Do you now any one with a running engine they want to sell?

  • Guiselle says:

    I was just reading your article on how to double-clutch and I can’t wait to try it tomorrow on my Mazda Protege. Then I went to the gallery and was amazed when I saw the BMW. I love that car in every shape model and color is could possibly come in. I was wondering if you knew about any difference between a BMW M3 Roadster and the new z4. Which would be faster ? Since the Roadster is pretty fast ? Thank-you

  • jackie says:

    Hi Felix, I was wondering if you are still doing “all” of these things, especially the biking? You are quite the athlete.

  • Marcus says:

    Nice website. I think the chain lube is actually called Pro Link.

  • roberto bressan says:

    bravo ottimo sito scusa per la mia lingua il mio inglese non e’ ottimo, ti invito a visitare il mio sito, per giudicare le mie biciclette
    se vieni in italia vienimi a trovare faremo 4
    chiacchiere sulle bici ciao roberto

  • Phil Chavez says:

    Hey Felix,
    Your web page is great. Your reference to your lil’ web page is deceiving. Its huge. Loved the photos, the bike ride street instructions, your ride reports. Thanks for having the site. I’ll definitely come back to it often as a good reference tool. See you at TC2 training.

  • Jolyon Reese says:

    Any recomendations for rock climbing in Big Sur, CA?

  • Mike Porter says:

    I saw your page on removing stuck cranks and thought it was a good tip for removal. I have a good tip also, purchase a automotive fork for removing ball joints. they cost from $6.00 to 10.00 and just put the fork between crank and nut over the shaft and hit with a hammer and rotate around a couple of times to loosen. This way I save the cranks for another project. Hope this is helpfull.

  • Doug Young says:

    I read you pages with interest. My interest is recmbents, and their performance vs uprights. Most of the stuff I read is very subjective, but the Reynolds Wishbone/T-Bone series seem to be better. Can you tell me if it is faster than your Cannondale, and by how much, say, in the ideal world of flat road, no wind?
    It is very difficult to get factual stuff here in Australia, so as a rider of both, I would value your views.
    Many thanks
    Doug Young

  • Hi Felix,
    I was wondering if I could link to your page:
    from here:
    I like your individual tactics, and I want to let readers of my Live Simple ebook to see a list of tactics put together by someone. I’d list you on that forum page like this:
    Felix Wong from California has created his list of simple living tactics.
    Let me know if that is OK.

  • Kevin Cobley says:

    Hi Felix,
    I noticed you once tried to install a Petronix ignition system on “Goldie”, but you had some trouble. What was the problem? I also have a ’69 MGB(GT) and was considering the conversion. If you have any pearls of wisdom, I’d like to hear it. Thanks and Safety Fast, Kevin

  • Lisa says:

    Great web site! I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your pages regarding hiking and cycling. Thanks for providing such useful info! 🙂

  • Daryl says:

    Hi felix..ran across your site because I was trying to find some bike routes from the peninsula (san carlos) to Santa Rosa/Windsor with a few of my friends. I was going to leverage the Marin Century info but can’t find details.
    Few of my tri friends are thinking about riding up to my buddies place up there…maybe continuing to napa on a following day.
    You’ve done a ton of riding…..any ideas on a route?
    Appreciate any input.

  • FRED BODKIN says:


  • Joe Brady says:

    Hey Felix–Do you have any Sampson Stratics Pedal cleats you want to get rid of? I know, I know, I should get some Speedplays but I just can’t get rid of my old Stratics. I’ll pay a fair price! Thanks!
    Enjoyed your website!

  • Nick Perry says:

    Hi there! I’m a 16-year old guy wanted to get out in nature and exercise! I am interested in doing some centuries around the Bay Area. I’ve only just discovered how much fun road biking is and i would like to get more serious. My brother found your web site for me, i liked it and i’d like to to a century before the year is out to train for the Davis Double Century. So if you have any suggestions for me that’d be great. thanks a bunch.

  • Felix says:

    This message is for Nick Perry (re: your guestbook entry). I tried to reply via email but it bounced due to an invalid email address.
    Good for you on aiming for a first century!! For a first century, I’d usually recommend one of the flatter centuries, for example the Delta Century in Stockton in May or the Solvang Century in March. I don’t have a good century in mind for the remainder of the year but take a look at this following list of rides:
    This is a very comprehensive list and has, in my estimation, 99% of all Californian rides. It lists distances, amount of climbing, and has links to all of the rides.
    From this list, you will be bound to find something. In regards to training, everyone would advise you to slowly work up your distances up
    to the century, which I suppose would be ideal, but then again, I did my first century in ’93 despite only doing a long ride of, say, 25 miles before that, and in the Seattle-to-Portland Classic, I met several people who had never ridden over 50 miles prior to that event. The distance is largely a mental thing! Good luck!

  • robert pompeani says:

    thanks for putting my Carhaix control picture on your website. I had a great PBP… -Bob.

  • Henrik Andersen says:

    Great pictures from PBP ! I did the PBP 2003 myself and I regret that I didn’t visit the McD. in Carhaix, because I hungered for a McFeast (kind of McRoyal) the next 500 km.

  • Lorraine Bittner says:

    I really love your article about the Climb to Kaiser. I am a 1998 survivor and also the editor of the Fresno Cycling Club’s newsletter, The Rough Draft. I would love for you to do an abridged version for me to publish in the next month or so. Please let me know. Glad you finished the ride and most importantly, that you enjoyed it. I was at the Shaver Lake Rest stop giving massages – did I give you one?


    Bon Jour Felix,
    A friend told me about your web site which had some PBP 2003 photos and comments. I remember reviewing your web site last year and was impressed with your detailed accounts of your many travels and events. After seeing my picture
    KM696 on the Web Site I had to especially smile,
    because only now do I remember the wonderful laugh we had at the controle. Also, now I can
    say I have met Felix Wong in person in action at
    PBP 2003 no less! I liked your pictures of the course and Paris. Do you have any others you can send me or put up on your site? Keep Riding,
    Your friend, Jim

  • Rick Studley says:

    Bonjour Felix…
    I just happened upon your site while cruising the web… Great job, and very interesting.
    I completed my first Bike Century this past weekend (Civil War Century, Thurmont, MD). Even while it rained like heck, and the total climb was reported to be 8,500′, I had a great time (ahem). I averaged 14.5mph while taking it pretty easy on the two biggest climbs… The sharp climb, at the very top of the second long climb made me cry, but I got over it. Next year I plan to trade my Cannondale Adventure 400 Hybrid, for a racier (and lighter) model. I may even graduate to clips rather than toe straps.
    The free ice cream, at the finish, made it all worth while.
    I am planning my next self-brutalization, and would love to do one in CA. Should be do-able, as I am in NoCal at least twice per month.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Warmest regards!

  • Hi Felix !
    I am pleased you rode PBP and you completed it !
    I rode it too, left paris at 10:15pm, and you will see the following on my
    web page dedicated to PBP :
    and on :
    you will have information on PBP articles and my brevets
    I finished PBP in 91h25mm !
    I have a question for you:
    I saw you use a big box to carry your bike
    Did you leave it in the hotel during PBP ?
    Could you give me further information about this box ?
    manufacturer ?
    did you remove pedals ?
    did you turn the handlebar ?
    is your bike ok after the journey ?
    I will add a link towards your website !
    Could you tell me : how old are you ?
    where do you live in California ?
    is it your first PBP ?
    Apparently you enjoy BAGUETTE ? is it true ?
    See you in 2007 ?
    Jean-Philippe BATTU

  • Daniel Fishbein says:

    Please correct name of one of your route sheets. Foxy Fall Century should read “Foxy’s Fall Century”. Wish I would have known about your site sooner as we have needed an elevation profile for years. Please contact me ASAP about links for next years Foxy’s and updated route maps could be forwarded for next year.
    Daniel Fishbein
    Event Director
    2003 Foaxy’s Fall Century

  • Steve Juniper says:

    Tested modification of Grizzly Peak Century today (102 miles 9405 feet). An improvement over GPC route – avoids Orinda-Moraga & Oakland traffic segments. Start anywhere on loop but we started at Shasta/Grizzly Peak Berkeley.
    North GP to Spruce, right onto Wildcat to bottom. Left onto San pablo Dam Rd to first light. Right to stop at Alhambra Vly Rd. Left onto Pinole Vly to San Pablo. Right through refinery past Rodeo through Crockett to Carquinez Scenic. to McEwen. Right up steep hill, under freeway to Canyon Rd. Left to Alhambra Vly. Right, follow Alhambra over Pig Farm Hill down to Bedar Creek. Left past Briones to Stoplight. Continue back up Wildcat to Grizzly Pk. Left onto GP. Follow GP to Skyline. Left onto Skyline and follow to Redwood. Left onto Redwood and follow to Willow Creek Golf Park on right. Turn into Willow Creek Park – watch golfers, snackbar, water, restroom, etc. Return to Redwood. Left onto Redwood, back over hill to Pinehurst. Right onto Pinehurst and follow it back up to Skyline and retrace route to start point.
    Nice scenery, traffic good with little city riding. Plenty places for water, etc., except from Martinez back to GP.

  • Ron Medak says:

    Great homepage, Felix. I just happened across your site today while doing some research on the PBP race. I’ve been toying with the idea of giving it a shot but having read your description I’m not sure I would be able to qualify, let alone complete it. I did notice a reference on your recumbent to Pete Penseyres and since I ride with Pete once a week I thought I’d let you know how amazing he is. About 61 and still going incredibly strong. The first time I rode with him about two years ago I hadn’t done any serious training and ended up cramping in six muscles after about 30 miles of mainly uphill climbing. Thanks to Pete and his brother Jim (who is an awesome rider as well, although he does it with only one leg below the knee!) pushing me up a few hills while on their bikes I was able to complete and come back for more!

  • jackie says:

    I never ran a marathon before but my goal is to run at 26.6 mile marathon. I live in the east bay area.
    1. what is the most popular 26 mile marathon in california.
    2. what do you recommend to prepare for this nad how long.??

  • Moazam Raja says:

    Hi, found your webpage via Google. I noticed you’ve had quite a few sports car including the Porsche 944.
    I have a 1986 Porsche 911 Coupe and am wondering what is the best bike rack to use. I’m actually afraid of harming the paint/body by using a bike rack.
    Sooo…my question is, what type of rack do you recommend for a car such as a Porsche 911?

  • Carrie Levin says:

    Hi Felix- The picture of the Cranberry Crank and City Beach Bouldering comp are really great.Thanks for having Joshua in them. I lked the way you linked them to Stacey’s website. I was able to look at these pictures several weeks ago. Tonight I couldn’t see them at all. When I clicked on either dates, the message was there were no pictures. I would like to tell Joshua’s grandparents in FL how to find these great pictures you took of him. Any idea what’s happening?
    BTW – your website is awesome!
    Happy turkey day.
    -Carrie Levin
    (aka Joshua’s mom)

  • I have had my 1991 Veloce since new. I came from two Fiat Spiders, a 1977 and a 1980. Garaged and kept nice, I take it out only for fun and errands. I drove 350 miles over this Thanksgiving holiday in the Florida sun with my beautiful wife next to me playing music and holding hands. Since I put cruise control on mine, it makes a sweet long distance driver. I have a new 2003 Toyota Mr2 spider, green and beige too. The Alfa is better for me. The Toyota is better for my wife.

  • Alex O. says:

    I found this a very interesting site. I have a few questions…
    I’m currently studying at school and i am hoping to goto university. I KNOW i want to travel and i hope to goto China, i will only be 19 when i am thinking of going (before Uni). Do you think it is wise for someone of this agae to travel by themselves? is China a safe place to be by yourself? I know a VERY limited amout of Chinese but i’m hoping to learn much more before i go 😉
    Also, do you think i should travel after uni? and what are the approx costs of food, accomodation, like in China?
    thanks for your time… great site! anyother comment you think would be appropriate..don’t hesitate! 🙂

  • Omar Leung says:

    Hi Felix,
    Been a while. (Stanford team, way way back) Someone referenced your page on the velonews forum. Good stuff. Seems you’ve gone hard core!
    It’s good living vicariously through you. Keep it up!

  • Paul Kaplan says:

    Hello Felix!
    Just found your site and enjoy your writing. It’s got me interested in doing some long rides.
    If you don’t mind, a basic question: how do you transport your gear: tubes, clothes for weather changes, food, on the long rides? Does it all fit into riding shirt pockets, paniers, rack?
    thanks for the feedback! PAUL

  • paul b. says:

    decided to look up double clutching and came across you. i rev with the clutch in and go straight for the lower gear, not tarrying in neutral. five speed tremec is easy to lose your placement when downshifting(also upshifting to 3rd), and up to 5th takes a conscious effort. also, glad to hear it’s not just me who can’t ” heel and toe” because of certain car’s peculiar gas and brake pedal placement. interesting website!

  • B oris says:

    Article about stuck seatpost gave me a great clue!
    It is free again,

  • David Silva says:

    hey whats up… I figure i’d say whats up and was wondering if you can gimme some info on Xian, Shanghai and beijing. Like what kinda life they live, do you “need” a car, and whats the money average over there… Any way, very sweet picture i enjoyed looking at them… I was asking cuz im goin to live there for awhile, wanna get some before hand…
    thank -David

  • Steve Ukena says:

    I came across your site while surfing, and stayed for quite a while. I moved to Colorado from San Francisco 6 years ago. The biggest thing I miss about the Bay Area is the large number of centuries that are within a day’s drive, scattered throughout the year. I looked at your list, and it was “did that, did that, did that…” I truly enjoyed your ride reports, and your tribute to your Canny. My own workhorse recently passed away. She was an 1987 Eclipse Carbon 7 road bike. She suffered a broken chainstay after 16 years of service. She was a true friend on the road. She now occupies a spot on the wall above my workbench. I guess I’m not the only one who *really* understands what bicycling is about. Now my Kestrel has some really big shoes (tires?) to fill. Anyhoo, great job on the website. Now I have to go home and put some miles on the road… Cheers!

  • Joseph C (Joe) Shami says:

    Hi Felix,
    I’ve enjoyed your bicycle stories. I think I’ve read all of them and congratulate you on how well written they are. I discovered your website almost a year ago when I took up bicycle-century riding again at age 69 after a hiatus of 30 years and wanted to read other people’s descriptions of San Francisco Bay Area centuries that I was considering, such as the Tierra Bella.
    I particularly liked your account of the 2002 Markleeville Death Ride and found it helpful in motivating me to try my first Death Ride last month. I wrote up my experience of the 2004 Death Ride, and in it I referenced your story. The Almaden Cycle Touring Club picked up my report and put it on their website at:
    I also made reference to your two Tierra Bella Century accounts in my report on the 2004 Tierra Bella Century on that same club’s website.
    I’m eagerly awaiting your description of the 2004 Mt. Tam Double Century. I was there for the Marin Century at the time you began it and probably experienced the same fog along the coast and the scorching heat in Petaluma.
    Best Regards,
    Joseph C. (Joe) Shami

  • Bill Lutjens says:

    I would like permission to use some of your photos from the 2003 Climb To Kaiser for this year’s website, set to go January 1, 2005. Let me know if that would be okay.
    Bill Lutjens, Coordinator, Climb To Kaiser

  • Doris says:

    I really have a good time reading your stories and looking at your pictures. Great site, good work. Congratulations!!!!

  • Ira Kucheck says:

    Hi Felix,
    Great site you have. I am a pretty good (6:00+) century rider and am interested in training for a double. Can you recommend some sights, a book, or your own training methodolgy to getting to the magic tool if you are already doing 100 fairly well?

  • david falkowski says:

    i stumbled onto your site while looking for pbp info. great trips and pics, i enjoyed them all. see you on the road someday.

  • Randy Nelson says:

    Hello Felix,
    I have enjoyed reading your stories about the bikes, cars and the link to Simple Life. Thank you.
    This year will be my 10th year of riding. I’m nowhere near as strong (or as young) as you but have done many of the same rides in the Bay area and some of the centuries you write about. In 1996-98 I also competed in the Low Key Hill Climb series. In 1998 I got my first digital camera and took the pictures of Eric and Cornelia being presented with the trophies on the top of Mt Hamilton that you feature on your website. I did not know you were on the Jah Love team however. Do you know what became of Cornelia? I took an extra picture of her at the top, made a print, and sent it to her. She wanted a picture to give to her grandmother and didn’t want her to see the one of her holding the champagne bottle.
    Keep up the good work. Maybe I’ll see you out on the road sometime.
    I have some cycling pictures among others at

  • Scott Campbell says:

    I am the coordinator of the 2005 Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge and recently read an article you wrote about our 2003 century. I really loved what you wrote and would like to include a link from our web page to your review. Would you be willing to give us permission to make a link? For your cooperation I would like to offer you a 50% discount on your 2005 SCMC registration. Let me know soon if you agree to letting us make a link and if you plan to ride the century.


  • Ed says:

    Do not respond, but say hello to Cathy when you see her. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m getting there – tell Cathy that I haven’t forgotten…

  • Matt B. says:

    Hello Felix. Great site! I live in Stockton and enjoyed reading about your rides. You’re right… the Delta Century is the flattest in the US but I still love it; it’s an awesome ride! I am also a big fan of the Tierra Bella and the Prima Vera. Anyway, your site is incredible!

    By the way. I’m pretty sure we went to high school together.


  • OnlineAutorama.Com says:

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    Check us out and drop us a question or maybe you just have a great automotive tip for others.

    Thank you.

  • Kirk says:

    Thank you so much for all the wisdom and enthusiasm of your pursuits! I’ve only done a couple of easy brevets along with my occasional cycling to work, but what I really want your advice on is Lighting.
    You said you really liked your Tec Torch with 3 LEDs in one of your later Death Valley rides. I’ve used a variety of Cateye micros and my current favorite is a cheap rechargable nicad helmet-mounted light. 7.2v at 10w but the battery only lasts an hour. My solution- two batteries.
    Can you tell me more about your experience? I’ll keep looking through your rides, (thank you so much for all your details) and maybe come up with your answer, but any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks, and hope to see you on the road,

  • Jeff Nicholson says:


    My girlfriend found (and we both enjoyed) your page regarding a winter trek to Rose Peak. I’m now curious to go out there and backpack off-season like that. I thought you might get a kick out of my page about the time I did it as a day-hike on the summer solstice and lost 10 pounds in one day to dehidration. I was thinking I want the longest day possible, and didn’t consider the heat. Duh.


  • Nancy says:

    Hey Felix- Did you get MY pics? Haven’t heard so thought I would ask. Put your website on the BJ for some guys who are planning to do PBP in “07. Figured they should ask an expert.

    I’m doing the Napa Century on August 21st. Are you? Would love to see you again!

    Nancy (aka The Bike Goddess)

  • Dave Peck says:

    Hey Felix,
    Nice Website. I checked out your Shasta trip with Dave. He directed me to your site. Congrats on making the summit. I wanted to go but my wife is expecting and timing was not good. I’d be interested in joining any day hikes you guys might do in late Sep-Oct.

  • Karl says:

    Very nice site. I just moved to the Bay Area and have spent more time on my growing interest – biking. I couldn’t agree more with your points on simple living…I do the same. The only think I would add is to “Turn off the lights when you leave a room”, and “Never buy a bicycle lock” – It ensures you never leave your bike unwatched, and eliminates the chance of it being stolen.

  • Greg Wong says:

    Hi Felix,

    I met you on the “Day in the Bay” ride at the Burlingame rest stop. You refered me as Ed in your report, that’s OK as I know you have many things to keep track of in writing your reviews. I finally got around to reading your review and found it very enlightening. I hope to see you in the future on your road bike as I would love to chat with you. Keep up the good work on your reviews. I really enjoyed the recap of the ride. The friend that you gave the spare inner tube to (Dave Joeng) is one of my riding buddies I started the ride with. At least, your recap substantiates the story he gave me on why he was so far behind.

    -greg wong

  • Allen Yip says:

    Hi Felix:

    Just poking around on the net doing some research on Denver CO. and I came across your site. We share alot of the same interest (cycling, triathlon, marathon) and I am also looking to move out of CA and relocate.

    I have just started looking into things (past few weeks) and wanted to know if you would be interested in chatting over the phone. (maybe even hook up for a ride somewhere in the bay area)

    Let me know.

    Allen Yip

  • Mo says:

    Hi Felix, I’ve really been enjoying reading your website. I love all the reports from different cities and towns in North America. I do have a question though. How come you are moving out of Fremont, CA? Are you taking into account how easy or hard it may be to find a job in the cities you are visiting?


  • Gloria Jenkins says:

    Very interesting!!
    What a great idea, and adventure. It is very obvious you are a goal orientated, disciplined, and intelligent man. I would be interested in knowing, what type of work you do for a living, and why have you choosen to move out of California.

    I have always wanted to “just hit the open road,” and after reading about your “open road” adventure, it has given new life, to my dream.

    Best Wishes, and God Bless.


  • Oscar says:

    Hey Felix,

    I enjoy reading your website. WOW what an adventure you have had. I just bought a Specialize Allez and wanted to know what you think of that bike. All stock. I plan on doing the Climb to Kaiser in 06. It sure feels great when riding. Unfortuneately i just pulled a pectoral muscle and been off it during my recovery. Have any tips on training for this ride? Take care, hope all is well, looking forward to you updates.

  • Felix Wong (a different one) says:

    Interesting site…very good. Strange, we share a similar lifestyle in being athletic. Guess if I want a site I’ll have to use a different address. Thanks

  • Jamie Otis says:

    Wanted to thank you for an outstanding effort in your comparison between cities! I came across your info while researching my own options. I am currently as you were – stuck between Bend and the Front Range area of Colorado. I spent a great deal of time in Colorado and have always hoped to move there. It has become quite pricey though!! Guess everyone saw what I saw! 🙂
    I have not been to Bend yet – is it anything like Colorado, with regards to scenery – If I truly love Colorado will I still love Bend? The mountains are not the same in Oregon, but they have everything else!! Tough Choice!! As you well know! Any Advice???

  • Glenn Kamka says:

    just thought I would keep you up to date on the restoration of the ol ‘ Veteran. It looks great! I brought it home yesterday and put on the decals. Waiting for the other parts to arrive so I can assemble it. Talk to you later.

  • Aidan Grey says:

    Hi Felix,

    I work for a small internet travel company, and I’d love to use your photo of the Hubcap Ranch (davis_brevet, I think) on our site, with proper copyright notice and everything, of course. Give me a shout and I can give you more details. Thanks.

  • kathrin says:

    hey felix,

    don’t forget your bike! i didn’t see it on your checklist.;)

    hope you’ll have fun at the race and good luck!!


  • Brian Bowling says:


    Wondered what happened to you, having not seen you at any rides here in CA recently. Congratulations on entering the semi-retired lifestyle. I can assure you that you’ll never go back! I go to ski over 30 days since the first of the year, one of my biggest goals that could have never happened while I was working.

    We must meet up some time again!


  • Brian O says:

    Hi Felix! Joe D. and I were just checking-out your last Triathlon, and decided that you have waaaay too much time on your hands!! Congratulations on finishing! Was that a “full” triathlon? Also, what is a “wetsuit stripper”? Sounds kinky…

  • Chris C says:

    Hiya Felix

    I’ve been lookin up information on local hill/mountain areas around to climb/hike to get in shape (or at the very least get a feel for extended hiking) in preparation for a climb up Mt. Fuji next month. I came across your site and saw your pictures of your hike up Mission Peak, CA in the Fremont area. Great pictures might I add.

    I’m not a very active person, and I don’t work out regularly (actually…not at all), but am planning to start running at least a mile three times a week, and maybe head up to Mission Peak on the weekends. I have about 3 weeks until I go…not a lot of time considering I don’t work out at all…but I figure I’d better get in what I can so I don’t overwhelm myself on Fuji. I’m planning to go to the top on Fuji, originally with a friend, but his girlfriend talked him out of it and will only be going up halfway with me.

    Going to Mt. Fuji would be the first time I’ve ever gone mountain hiking/climbing, but I was wondering if I could get any pointers or tips from an experienced enthusiast.

  • Cathy Morgan says:

    Felix—Just read your VERY entertaining article in issue 18 of Colorado Runner Magazine. Thanks for the chuckles! I may have to reconsider running a marathon as I love your traiing methods. See you at the next Running Club T&H?

  • Allison Horn says:

    Hi Felix, I’m hooked on your blog! Your descriptions and variety are compelling! Thanks for the daily input from Vietnam. I’ve always wanted (well not always, but for a couple of years) one of those motorscooters. I’m thinking it would be a totally different experience to pilot one on the streets of Ft. Collins, though. See you some Thursday night when you return.

  • Mtn. Goat says:

    Welcome to Colorado. It’s a pleasure reading that your transition to Ft. Collins has gone well. If you get the urge for more centuries and doubles, you might check out the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC). The rides are all “no frills” but membership is only $25 per year. The schedule for 2007 is still taking shape, but you can find it at

    Although it might be a little too “Denver-focused” there are a number of rides that start in Superior (between Denver and Boulder), especially the great 400km and 600km brevets. Closer to home you probably already know about the Ft. Collins Cycling Club (… Have fun!

  • Josh says:

    Hey Felix, the website is great. I’m from Escalon (close to Stockton) and was convinced that CSU was the place for me after seeing all the great pictures and articles you posted. I am an aspiring climber, backpacker, and just bought my first mountain bike last week. Think I’m going to like it here. Anyway just wanted to let you know that your website brought me to Fort Collins, keep it up.

  • Allison Horn says:

    Hi Felix, I couldn’t find another email address for you, so I’ll leave this message here. To subscribe to the Dead Runners’ Society, send an email to Leave the subject line blank, and send the message “Subscribe Felix Wong DRS” (without the “”). That’s all. They’ll send you instructions and information. See you on the roads! Allison

  • Curtis Stallins says:

    Felix, we’ve traded a few e-mails over the past couple years. I just want to tell you that I’m using you as my rabbit 🙂 If all goes well and my health permits, I’ll finish all four qualifying brevets and go to PBP this August, where I’ll try to beat your 84H45 finishing time. Hey, a guy needs a goal! 🙂 I’m glad you found peace in CO. Curtis, from Pleasanton, CA

  • Joe J says:

    Great site! I got linked from I am interested in how you became semi-retired at such a young age. How can you afford a new house? thanks. Joe

  • Jimmy says:

    Thanks for this site! I found it while looking for pictures of the Knoxville Marathon I just ran. Can you share some more information as to how you retired so early. I’m 26, hopefully I can follow your plan!

  • Vikki says:

    WOW!! THANK YOU!!! I Googled “Amimals in Panama” and got linked here. Thank you so much for all of your pics / comments of Panama!!! My 16 yr. old son is there for a month, as a student ambassador. He’s 16hrs. away from me!! AND I HAd NO Idea what kind of stuff was there! He NEVER remembers the names of places he’s been to out there…isn’t very detailed in his descriptions, I was clueless as to what the environment was like out there….Now I’m Not!! Thanks to you!!
    Vikki (CJ’s mom)

  • Heather says:

    Thanks for all your tips. i enjoyed your article.

  • Ed Snyder says:

    I have a 79 MGB and was surfing the Net for engine removal pictures and came upon your site. Nice pictures of China. Do you still have your MG

  • Julya says:

    Hi Felix, I was looking for ‘simple living’ and google chanced me to your site. I read your list and thought how wonderful that there is someone who believes in it. I am also trying this lifestyle of late but still struggling. I admire your spunk for life. It’s really cool.


  • Pamela Tellez says:

    Hi Felix, we came across your site while we were looking for weather info at Alpine Lake where we have been camping as a family for about 25 years. We loved seeing “our rock garden” ! in your photos. I was in a near fatal car accident in 2001, and although I made it to Alpine that year I couldn’t make the hike to inspiration point. the next year however i made it and made that little rock writing to celebate my victory. I LOVE IT, that it’s preserved in photograph. Thanks!

  • Daniel Jones says:

    Hey Felix,

    Nice job on qualifying for Boston. I don’t know if you remember me but I’ve run with the Fort Collins Running group in the past (two years ago and on some of the Horsetooth Half-marathon training runs, Thursday night). I just wanted to mention that some friends and I have put together a running group so I wanted to invite you (and anyone else you know that might be interested) to visit our website on Google Groups. Perhaps you could join us for a run sometime. Great website and really enjoy your personal accounts of races. Hope to hear from you.

  • gayle says:

    Hey Felix,

    Very informative web site! I loved looking through your spreadsheet for best places to live. I came across your web site b/c I was googling a Bikram Yoga studio near Lodi/Stockton. Didn’t find it (My husband and I are super bummed about that) but found your site instead. I’m relocating to Lodi/Stkn for work after living in SF/bay area for the last 10 years. My hometown is Stkn too! I went to school with you. You were in my kindergarten class with Mrs. Gauthier at Davis school :). I also took violin lessons from Mrs. Tatton (I spoke to her a few years back and she doesn’t teach any longer for Lodi Unified- she was such a great teacher). In any case, if you know of any Bikram Studios near stockton that info would be appreciated. So cool to see your site after so many years. Sorry about your dad and the mugging incident. My parents still live in Stkn. too and that stuff is always scary. Take care, Gayle

  • Kiet Vo says:


    Good luck in Boston! I’m inspired to pick up the slack on my own running now.

    Adelfa, ’94-95

  • Eddie says:

    Felix….you going with any one to Boston? I’m looking (if you are interested) in splitting lodging. Let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Greg Webb says:


    You mention your Reevu helmet in a few entries. Have you ever written a review of the product? I’d be interested in learning more of your experience, whether the concept works or not, etc.

    I gather the helmet is no longer produced and was never sold directly in the U.S., but it seems like an excellent idea and I might dredge one up privately if you found it useful.


  • Cathy Morgan says:

    Felix—I just read your wonderful article “This Bud is For Running” in the newspaper, Fort Collins Now, and had to chuckle at your PERFECT description of “running into a chain link fence”. I couldn’t have said it better. Great writing. And thanks for the plugs for the Running Club!!! Morgan

  • Carol Bennis says:

    Felix: big fan of your site – have been a devoted lurker since arriving in Fort Collins a year ago. I would like to invite you to participate in a panel discussion with other bloggers for our series on Social Media. Please drop a line so we can talk! /cb [and, keep up the great work!]

  • Brad L says:

    Felix: My wife and I have spent the last month traveling the west in pursuit of a new place to live. After reading your website, I placed Fort Collins on the itinerary. Today we arrived in Fort Collins. Is there anything you would recommend we do to get a taste of the city?

  • Roger says:

    Hi Felix – We were sorry to miss you in Fort Collins last month but many congratulations on your recent exploit. What is your next project? We hope to meet up with you when we’re next in Colorado but of course if you’re in the UK before then we’d be delighted to see you. Best wishes – Roger (Nick’s Dad)

  • Adrian Stingaciu says:

    Hey Felix,

    Congratulations on finishing the Tour Divide!!! Man you went thru quite a lot in the race. What awesome perseverance you have!!! I just wanted to send you some pictures that I took of you during the race, or pre-race. Let me know what e-mail address I can send them too. Also you are missing from a Tour Divide discussion we are having, let me know if it’s ok to include you in that.

    hope you out racing your bike somewhere,


  • Anurakta says:

    Hi Felix,
    I am a regular follower of your website. I also live in fort collins. Rohit and I have started this new website that would let user create their own account with unlimited photo album and blogging capability. I am hoping that you’d also contribute there somehow once in a while! This will expose the site greatly. I heard there is a team here in Fort Collins that is planning an Everest Trek in 2009 and I’d like to talk to them next and see if they can blog in outvents!
    Take care


  • Carolyn Phillips says:

    Hey there. Long time no hear. I hope that everything is going well with you. I always enjoy your site as a way to catch up on what you are up to even when we don’t get a chance to talk. If you get a chance, drop me a line.


  • Anna says:

    What a great website! We found it while looking for info on Fort Collins, we’re moving there next week. We are avid motorcyclists but we love hiking as well. And I have a mountain bike that doesn’t get much use here in the flat lands, o I hope to change that after the move.


  • Ania says:

    Hi Felix: I finally decided to move to Ft Collins 🙂 There is a wonderful job opportunity for me and I think I will really like CO. I hope to be more active and enjoy time outdoors.

    I have a question for you. I will be moving to Ft Collins mid-July. I really like the downtown area, since I love to walk (being close coffee shops, etc). What do you think of the Northtown Flats (north of downtown)? I would like to have a loft, a little further from the train tracks that (to my surprise) run through the middle of downtown.


  • Jim Clark says:

    You and I have a friend in common, Carol Bennis. I was in her office today, describing where I live, she told me she found you first online and that you do a Beet Street blog.
    Mary and I are your neighbor, we share the fence on the north side of your property!
    Nice website, nice job on the back yard….see you across the fence. It is indeed a small world and a small town.

  • Chelsea says:

    Hey Felix,

    As always, amazing site. We added a link to your blog today, seeing that we’ve been following you religiously for almost three years. I always tease my husband that you are his hero and when we go to events I will go, Oh my gosh, its Felix Wong and he’ll get all excited… too funny. Any how, when I added your blog to our faves list on our blog today, I figured it was about dang time I wrote on your site.

    Keep up the posts, we absolutely LOVE them. My blog royally sucks compared to yours, but there is hope, haha

    Chelsea and Jason

  • Konrad says:

    Hey Cousin, love to read your blog to see what you’re up too. You’re livin’ life to the fullest! Lauren and I had a baby boy in March, hope you can meet him someday. See you soon!


  • Felix!

    OK, this isn’t really a comment. It’s a substitute for outdated email addresses.

    I’m coming to Colorado for the NAMGBR MG2009 show in Breckenridge. The way my schedule is going, I could come to Ft. Collins and meet you for lunch or something on Friday, June 19. Are you going to be around that day? Let me know!


  • Adam Lee says:

    Hey Felix, I’ve enjoyed following your website ever since your article “Running an Interesting Marathon” appeared in the Colorado Runner magazine. I could definitely relate to some of those experiences. Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Mike says:

    Howdy Felix,

    I’m in Elizabth, CO right now. Where should I be tomorrow to meet you for lunch? Somewhere in Ft. Collins? Send me a time and a cross street to meet you at and I’ll be there. My friend Dan here says that Austin’s has great food. Ever been there?



  • Hi Felix:

    My name is Eric Bruntjen, I’m a 2009 Tour Divide finisher.

    I’m working on an interesting project with Matthew Lee to
    collect written work about the Tour Divide into a
    bound volume; the goal is to create a Literary/Art Journal
    for divide racing called the Cordillera. I’ve seen your
    work online and would like to invite you to contribute.

    The final product will be professionally bound, full color
    and sold on at cost (or possibly a bit more with all proceeds going to the TD).

    I hope you will send us something. The effort is nonprofit
    and amateur but it is from the heart; just the like the


    Eric Bruntjen

  • Eric Bruntjen says:

    Hi Felix:

    I tried emailing your old address but it was bounced back… How’s the piece coming? There’s no problem waiting but I’m starting layout so an quick update would be great.



  • David in SF Bay Area says:

    Hello Felix,

    I enjoyed the pics of indoor rock climbing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sean says:

    Hey Felix,

    Just found your site, it’s awesome! I wanted to ask you what blogging software you use for your site? It’s very clean and very organized. I’m looking at starting something similar myself. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Michele Jacob Kelly says:

    Well Felix,
    I can see that you are still living life to its fullest.
    Just a note , Emily Carr is now in Oregon. MGBGT.
    It is good to see where and what you have been up to….
    Take care
    Michele Jacob Kelly
    Vancouver BC former owner of black Emily Carr…

  • Matt Watson says:

    Love the website, Felix. We have lots of passions in common. Let me know if you ever want to add surfing to your adventures. I live in Santa Cruz and have access to lots of boards and wetsuits (water is 60F here!) I also love mt and road biking.

  • Hi Felix, really enjoyed your article on waxing. We love to wax chains and make Molten Speed Wax, a paraffin based chain wax that is premixed with PTFE and moly . If we can ever be of any help answering waxing questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for spreading the word about waxing, John at Molten Speed Wax.

  • Bahae says:

    Felix, you’re a source of inspiration! I’m so impressed. I particularly enjoyed the post about your MBA degree. I will commit to read the rest of your website too. If you get a moment, can you please send me an email? I would like to share some personal notes with you.

  • Rick Kerr says:

    Hi Felix,

    I was back visiting from AZ when I saw you at Bean Cycle before your cross-country bike race. Congratulations! I don’t know how you manage to do all these epic adventures, but I admire your spirit. What’s your next adventure?

  • Steve Ritter says:

    Hi Felix! I sent you a personal note regarding WGU. You were/are my inspiration! A BIG thank you is in order. It’s looking like I can do the MBA in under 4 months, pending Capsim…you were the trailblazer!

  • thien says:

    Woah at 30 you got everything figured out. I’m at 30 still don’t know what I want to do.

  • Joan OConnor says:

    When I started riding double centuries 7 years ago, I found your blogs and took them to heart. Then the following year, I looked for information on PBP and once again got the scoop from you. Now that I’m thinking about doing the Transamerica, your blogs once again popped up. You are my hero.

    • Felix Wong says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your note! It’s wonderful to hear from another double century enthusiast and a PBP ancienne. That’s great you are considering doing the Trans Am Bike Race.

      Let me know if you have any questions about it or if I could help in any of the planning. There’s a lot I would have done differently, as you may have seen on my website.

      Happy cycling!

  • Tammi Glick says:

    Hi Felix,
    I just love your blog. All your adventures just looks so incredible and fun! Hope to see you soon.
    Tammi (Tee) Glick

  • Las says:

    Hi Felix

    Searching vintage Cannondales from here in Cape Town, South Africa I found your blog via Google. Your passion and enjoyment of your 3.0 Series kinda persuaded me to go for it and now the proud owner of a 1991 Cannondale in all red with Suntour SL components and Campagnolo wheelset originally, replaced after wear with Shimano 105 drive train and hubs on Mavic rims.

    Follow me on Instagram @fallingman_sa

    • Felix Wong says:

      Hi Las. Thanks for your note; it’s so great to hear from another classic Cannondale 3.0 enthusiast, especially from all the way around the world! I took a look at your ‘dale on your Instagram page. Looks nice!

      Happy cycling over there in South Africa!

  • Jeff says:

    Stumbled across your journey to Cuba on some late night reading through Google… random clicking on Cuba stuff in preparation for my second trip there next week and scrolled across your personal life journey from travels/professional life/getting a MBA as an engineer + being semi retired at 30 to do things that you truly enjoy.

    Truly an inspirational blog.


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