Featured photo for Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

“I keep trying to move out of Boulder,” said my friend Micah, citing the high cost of living here plus congestion problems. “But I just have not found a place that can offer all that Boulder can.”

Indeed, Boulder offers world-class cycling, skiing, and rock climbing, along with one of the nation’s hippest pedestrian malls and perhaps the fittest population in the country. It also has been named the healthiest town in the country, the best city for runners, the town with the highest percentage of people having a bachelor’s degree (an astounding 67%), and the most dog-friendly town, as well as the Denver metro area being voted one of the best towns for singles. At least from a city standpoint (neglecting scenery), this is my favorite town in all of Colorado. More impressions coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out these photos.

The Flatirons are an icon of Boulder, CO.  The approach to Boulder from Golden is quite "golden".
Going through downtown along Broadway Street.  Traffic and parking isn't that bad on a weekend (when this photo was taken), though it was congested on a Friday evening during rush hour.
The Pearl Street Mall is the heart of Boulder and one of the most famous pedestrian malls in the U.S.  There is plenty of outdoor dining here.
Kids running through fountains in the Pearl Street Mall.
Another shot of a section of Pearl Street Mall.
Dudes like this one on a unicycle juggling flames always attract a big crowd and adds to the character of Pearl Street Mall.
This photo has a lot going on that epitomizes Boulder: kids playing in the sand, adults dining outdoors, a guy walking his recumbent bicycle, and another dude wearing a balloon hat.
Elsewhere in Pearl Street Mall were guys in kilts playing bagpipes.
A peekaboo view of the Flatirons from downtown.
Two wheeled vehicles -- esp. the bicycle -- are popular and viable means of transportation here in Boulder.  The city is superbly designed for bicycle commuting.
Murals outside the Boulder Library.
One of the entrances to the Boulder Library is an art gallery!  Also in this library is a cafe where one can sip and read.  And of course in this progressive place there is free wi-fi access.
Boulder is a bastion of liberalism.  A VW Beetle with a ribbon saying "REMOVE our troops".
Homes in Boulder near downtown are frightfully expensive, but nice.
This one downtown probably is worth at least $800k, I am guessing.
Homes in central Boulder tend to be older, but have lots of character with well-maintained yards and mature trees.
On the northern border of Boulder are new townhomes.
Roundabouts!  How I love roundabouts!
Another view of the Flatirons.  Brief thunderstorms sometimes (or often) pass through in summer afternoons to cool things down.  The weather can change very quickly.
East of Boulder is Louisville, where there are larger contemporary homes.  This one was going for about $500k.
And out there in the suburbs, the scenery becomes markably more golden than tree-filled Boulder.
Eldorado Springs seemed like a pretty ideal location, being just 2-3 miles from the southern Boulder border and having nice views of the Flatirons.  It is also by the Eldorado State Park which has plenty of hiking trails and, supposedly, world-class rock climbing.
There are a few ranchers like this one in Eldorado Springs.  There are also massive homes with acreage.