Durango, CO

Unlike Silverton or Ouray, Durango felt like a real town instead of a tiny tourist resort. Then again, it should as it is home to about 14,000 residents (still too small for me as a primary residence, but I promised a buddy I’d check it out for him a little). To my surprise, Durango had a remarkably down-to-earth feel to it underscored by reasonable real estate prices and “southwest Colorado’s busiest Walmart”.

Quite a bit south of Montrose, CO, US Highway 550 starts out lush and green with just a tinge of yellow on this mid-September day.Going through the town of Ouray, dubbed "The Switzerland of America".  This is where the scenery really starts to become impressive.Following an Ouray Jeep Tours vehicle through a tunnel.A lake, yellow aspen, rocky mountains... you have it all here.Aspen starts to become even more brilliantly yellow!Look at the sign indicating how the upcoming turn will be like (like the '~' character).  There were plenty of these!Red rock mountain.At this altitude the forests start thinning out...Now, a horseshoe-shaped corner!Dirt mountainsides and a butte ahead.Lots of sweeping curves on this highway.The view ahead of the driver's seat of the Alfa Romeo.The driver, Felix Wong.Jagged mountain peaks and a blue lake.What a day for Alfisti!  What an incredible drive!

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