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Medford, OR

Loren and Suzie had a wonderful wedding in Medford this weekend, which also gave me a chance to see some friends and check out the area. Below is an excerpt from an email I wrote to a friend about Medford:

Medford’s downtown is much older than Asland’s, uninspiring and virtually abandoned on Sunday morning. Medford’s downtown is also surrounded by car dealerships and motels. The homes near Medford’s downtown are also old with old cars strewn all over the place. The neighborhoods felt safe though (I went running through them this morning). Clearly, though, the desireable part of Medford is east of I-5, in the foothills. There are lots of new homes there, many with city or (brown) foothill views. They were beautiful too—not cookie cutter tract homes—for less than equivalent property goes for in Bend.

In addition, I had a chance to go running in Medford along the Bear Creek recreation trail. Though pretty nice and runs adjacent to the creek, it also happens to go right under (and along) I-5, which is noisy. Not quite the ambience I was looking for while running. It seems like the place to live in Medford is definitely east of I-5.

Loren and Suzie got married in Medford today! This also gave me a chance to check Medford out.
Aaron and his fiance walks on in.
I got to see Micah and Adrienne again today!  They let me stay at their place in Boulder, CO a couple of weeks ago.
After the wedding Loren and Suzie returned to their car which was "vandalized" by Loren's brothers with toilet paper and cow dung! (not shown)
Downtown Medford was largely abandoned on this Sunday morning.
Another shot of downtown Medford.
Downtown Medford is older and not nearly as cool as Ashland's.  There are lots of car dealerships and motels nearby.
The Bear Creek recreation trail is 13 miles long or so and follows a creek.  However, it is right under I-5!
Homes near downtown Medford are old and sad with old cars strewn all over the place.
In contrast, the homes in the east Medford hills were nice.
These hills are pretty brown, though.
A nice home in east Medford with a vintage Vette in front.
Another nice home, this one with a new Mini! This home is probably worth $700-800k.
More nice homes in east Medford.
A beautiful home that was on the market for $400k.