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Northern Colorado Corvettes

I was driving down College Ave. in Fort Collins to see a friend when something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. At the local Chevrolet dealership (Dellanbach’s), there seemed to be a lot more cars parked along the street than usual, and almost all of them were Corvettes. Most were new but there were a few from the 1970s, indicating that this was not business as usual. Of course I had to stop and see what was going on. It turned out that the Northern Colorado Corvette Club of Fort Collins was here with members en masse. There must have been at least 75 Corvettes. I have never seen so many ‘Vettes in one place before. My favorites remain the C5s and C6s but I like the convertibles of virtually any vintage.

A row of All-American Corvettes with the star-spangled banner flying above.
Of course nowadays all of that has been replaced by uninspiring plastic.  This is a C5.  My first impression was the C6's interior looks worse!
A C5 pace car.
A C5 convertible with ground effects and flames.
A rare violet C5.  Note the dual-cockpit interior.
A C1 convertible from the 50s.
Even the C4 Vettes look pretty good to me.
The Lotus-developed ZR1 engine from the late 80s or early 90s.  Back then this dual-overhead-cam engine with four valves per cylinder put out almost 400 HP, which is still a lot.  Amazingly the base model C6 of today exceeds that!
The plates on this C5 convertible reads "REBELZ."
The cockpits of early Vettes featured chrome gauges and controls.
I was driving down College Ave. in Fort Collins to visit a friend and lo and behold, here was this Northern Colorado Corvette Car Show at Dellenbach's!