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Holiday Tree

One should be spending more time celebrating than criticizing during the holidays, so I won’t disparage the time-honored tradition of cutting down a live evergreen to place in the living room for decorative purposes. But for those of us who find the practice somewhat un-eco-friendly, there are plenty of alternatives. For example, here’s my holiday sticks tree.

I actually can’t take credit for it because it was created by my neighbor Dee. Due to her impending move, she was going to donate or discard it when I offered to take it off her hands. It now graces my living room as you can see in the photo above.

Dee made it out of four sticks, some twiggy material and some shiny “garland.” Excuse me for not knowing the technical terms for any of these things, but clearly I have not been frequenting the Michael’s craft store. Oreo, Tiger and I did add the red star, however, which was found in the dollar store.

I think it looks pretty nice, yes? Happy holidays!

Oreo and Tiger with our holiday tree.
Oreo and Tiger with our holiday tree.