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Furnace Creek 508

EPIC. It’s an overly used word in the ultra-endurance world, but that’s the first word that comes to my mind when thinking of the Furnace Creek 508. It included 10 mountain stages including many 10-25 mile climbs; 15% grades; 510 miles; and in my case, just 20 minutes of sleep and 39hr15min of biking. My stellar crew of two—Raquel and Tori—barely slept more than I.

Yet it turned out to be one of the greatest races I have ever done, one I got to do while taking in the stunning desert scenery on a magical 27-year-old French bicycle, with two of my closest friends following in a spunky eco-friendly Ford Focus behind. It culminated in an age group Classic Bike course record, and was an adventure for the ages filled with memories that will not fade any time soon.

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