Featured photo for Hekaton Classic Century

Hekaton Classic Century

We took it real easy on this season-closer! Despite nearly time-trialing in the first 30 miles, the finish time for Ken and I was not much less than our first century three years ago.

But this ride is not about going fast. Rather, it’s a time to relax and take in some scenery… and say goodbye to the summer.

Ride Data

  • 108 mi. Actual ride is 100 mi of mostly flat to rolling terrain.
  • 6:50-16:30 total time
  • 13.5 mph moving average
  • Max speed: 51.5 mph



  • Scenery: 2.5
  • Support/Organization: 2
  • Food: 1
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Overall Rating: 2
Ken Loo at the 1996 Hekaton Classic.
Ken Loo at the 1996 Hekaton Classic.
red Cannondale 3.0, red Cannondale 2.8
yellow 1969 MGB roadster, red Cannondale 3.0, luggage rack, bike rack, Ken Loo, Toyota truck
Ken Loo and his Toyota pickup truck and red Cannondale, 1996 Hekaton Classic