Featured photo for Pinnacles, CA

Pinnacles, CA

Added pics from climbing at Pinnacles with Carlos, Christine, Dirk, Krystina, and Sarah last weekend.

Carlos (background) and Sarah setting up anchors at the top of Toprope Wall.  Kristina was also around, somewhere...
Dirk ready to rapel down Toprope Wall.
Sarah goes next!
Christine belaying down below.
Dirk hanging around, thinking about how to climb over the rock lip.
Sarah on the wall, almost halfway up!
Our gourmet meal, including brie, bagettes, fresh strawberries, bananas, and even Pimp's cookies!
Dirk, our chef, or at least provider of the wonderful food!
Sarah rapelling again, this time down a 75-ft climb with a huge overhang at a climb named Rat Race, which is on Tourist Trap..
Felix Wong trying to one-arm his way up the overhang.  That's Carlos peeking over the top.
Dirk attempting the same overhang.  Our favorite climb!