Featured photo for Fremont, CA

Fremont, CA

Added miscellaneous pictures from Fremont, California, the nice medium-sized city I live in. Will be adding more pictures of Fremont in the future.

[Winter  2002] Aren't the Fremont foothills so nice and green this winter?  In front is the NUMMI plant (joint venture between Toyota and GM) across the highway from where I work.
[Feb.  2002] Adrian, Evelyn, and someone else (sorry) at Coyote Hills on SuperBowl Sunday.
[Feb.  2002] The rest of the Stanford C-Ya gang at Coyote Hills.
[Mar.  2002] Snow in the East Bay foothills!  Okay, so it was gone very quickly, and it's hard to see in this picture at such low resolution.
[Aug. 2002] Morrison Canyon Rd. is a great road for hill-training, just 2 miles from my house.  It shoots up almost 800 feet in 1.75 miles! This is a nice south-facing shot at the top before a sunset.
[Aug. 2002] The foothills from Paseo Padre, lit by a dimming sunset.
[Aug. 2002] Going on a lunchtime training ride on picturesque Paseo Padre Rd. and the foothills in the background.
[Aug. 2002] An icon of Fremont: Mission Peak, from Mission Blvd.
[Aug. 2002] An example of the prominent homes in the Mission hills.
[Aug. 2002] Another Mission home.