Featured photo for Sunol, CA

Sunol, CA

Here are some photos from rock climbing in Sunol with Sarah and Tori. We also did quite a bit of hiking. The main drama was trying to climb with only one shoe (since I had forgotten to bring the other one), causing Tori and Sarah to refer to me as “the One Foot Wonder.” It was a fun day but I think I will try to remember to bring the other shoe next time.

After a half-hour hike, we reach Cave Rocks only to encounter the largest (and scariest) Poison Oak bush I have ever seen.  And this is where we would climb, sometimes just mere inches from this!
Tori rapelling down from the sky after setting up anchors for us.
Tori, on belay... or no, napping!
Tori, now with her head stuck in a rock.  At least that's what it looks like!
Sarah on belay, looking up.
Sarah now on the climb.  Go, Sarah!
Tori rapping down again.
The three of us after an afternoon of climbing.  Ok, bad picture; I need to remember to turn off the flash when around rock!