Featured photo for Lesser Three Gorges, China

Lesser Three Gorges, China

We briefly hopped off of the cruise ship and jumped onto some motorized sampans in order to go through the Lesser Three Gorges. The Lesser Three Gorges are the three separate valleys of the Daning river and are comprised of the Dragon Gate Gorge, Misty Gorge and Emerald Gorge. It was very scenic and thankfully, no one got seasick on the sampans.

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On board motorized sampans to sail up the Daning River through the Lesser Three Gorges.
The lovely Beck cousins, Karen and Martrese.
Rounding a corner in the sampan in very shallow water.
Photo: John Taylor
All the wacky people up front: Martrese, Karen, and Felix.
Photo: Martrese Beck
Children swimming in the relatively clean water.
Sam, our most excellent tour guide for the entire trip!
Getting passed by a motorboat in the river.
Martrese, Karen, John, and Felix Wong on the Daning River.
Photo: John Taylor