Featured photo for Chongqing, China

Chongqing, China

“Look,” said John as we navigated through the streets of Chongqing replete with open-air markets. “A 10-pack of chicken!”

This 10-pack wasn’t quite like one of those buckets you might pick up at KFC, however. These chickens were alive! And their new owner was taking them away on a leash…

Chongqing (pronounced “chong-ching”) was quite a bit different from the other big cities in China like Beijing or Shanghai in that it appeared more run-down and less modern. Indeed, much of the town would be underwater after the Three Gorges Dam project was completed.

During our half-day here, in addition to walking through the open-air food stalls with “tourist” all-but-written on our foreheads, we saw an acrobatic show and went to the zoo. There we saw tigers and panda bears! It all made for a great day.

An outdoor meat market among the many food stalls.
A "10-pack" of chicken!
That's John ahead rushing back to the bus past honking-crazy cars.
Another acrobatic show!
An indoor food mall in Chongqing.
On the bus ride to the Chongqing Zoo, I spot this billboard for an MGF!  So despite the complete absence of sports cars in China, even the Chinese (unlike us Americans) can buy an MGF!
At the Chongquing Zoo we are greeted by a Panda Bear!
Lion... roar...
Karen pretending to talk on one of those funny Chinese phones.