Featured photo for Palo Alto British Car Meet

Palo Alto British Car Meet

Posted photos from the 22nd annual Palo Alto British Car Meet. This is one of the largest All-British Car gathering in the United States, with over 500 cars present and virtually all classic British marques represented. The new Mini from BMW was here as well.

Goldie and I were there, albeit across the street in the Stanford parking lot, due to doing a timed hill climb up Old La Honda Rd beforehand.
A beautiful Austin Healey.
MGBs.  The blue one is a later rubber-bumper type.
Red MGAs.
I believe this is an MG TF.
A TR4, one of my favorite Triumphs.
Even in the parking lot (not on display) were interesting cars, including the new Mini, a Lotus Esprit, and a Jaguar XJS convertible.
The interior of a new Mini (with accessories from Moss Motors), which (being made and sold by BMW) is not strictly a British car, but at least the original was!
The door panel of the Mini.  Very stylish!
A Triumph TR3.
If you can identify this vehicle, can you tell me what it is?  That's neat how the spare tire also serves as a bumper!
A blue Marcos, which are little-known in the U.S. but very cool.