Featured photo for City Beach Costume Climbing

City Beach Costume Climbing

Here are some photos from the Halloween Costume Climbing at City Beach Fremont in October 2002.

Brandon at CityBeach, being something resembling a cross between a pirate and Count Dracula.
Brandon again, with a 50s chick and Yiuven, who dressed up as... Yiuven.
Look!, it's Serena Williams!  In real life, that's Haley.  She's cool.
Even Serena's sister Venus came... gotta love the big hair.  That's Jason on the wall being "part hillbilly, part rocker".
Venus (Heidi) doing the Witch's Hat Climb.
Heidi again.  Hey, no peaking under that hat!
If you are wondering what I was for Halloween, I put on a wizard's hat and tried to call myself a wizard.  For some reason, though, Haley thought I was only "half a wizard"...