Dumbarton Bridge bike trail

Flatwater 100, CA

I gave this San Francisco Bay Area ride its name due to two things: (1) it is about as flat as a century ride can get in this area, and (2) it goes through 3 of the major bodies of water between Fremont-Belmont-Los Altos: the San Francisco Bay via Dumbarton Bridge, the Crystal Springs Reservoir, and the Stevens Creek Reservoir.

It’s not the most exciting ride—I suppose most flat rides aren’t—but it’s a good recovery or winter-season one.

Route Sheet

0 Central Park in Fremont (near Stevenson/Paseo Padre intersection)
0 West on Stevenson
~3 R (north) on Cherry
  L (west-north) on Thornton.
~7 L (west) onto Marshlands Rd. (CA-84)
  West onto Dumbarton Bridge bike path (on south side of Bridge)
  L. (south, then west) on Willow Rd. in Menlo Park (next intersection after University and 84)
  R. (north) on Middlefield Rd.
  L (west) on Ravenswood Rd.
  Ravenswood becomes Menlo Ave; go straight (west)
  R (north) on University for a couple of blocks.
~17 L (west) on Santa Cruz Ave.
19 L (south) on Alameda de las Pulgas
  L (south) on Junipero Serra.
  R (west) on Alpine Rd.
  R (north) on Portola Rd.
 ~2L on Whiskey Hill Rd.
 0.2L on Woodside Rd.
  R on Canada Rd.
47 0.25 miles before Skyline Blvd., R onto Ralston Bike Path (easy to miss!) on other side of Crystal Springs Reservoir. Here are the steepest climbs (they’re short).
  Ralston Bike Path merges into Ralston Rd. Descend down (east) on Ralston.
  R (south) on Alameda de las Pulgas. Somewhere and somehow this becomes San Carlos Rd. for a couple of miles, going east; don’t be alarmed when it seems like you are not on Alameda de Las Pulgas anymore!
  R (south) on Alameda de las Pulgas again.
 <1S (south) on Junipero Serra Rd.
 10S (south) on Foothill Rd., all the way to Stevens Creek Park.
62?~13Go back north on Foothill, then Junipero Serra, then Alameda de las Pulgas to Santa Cruz Rd.
9419Go back the exact same way you came from, back to Central Park in Fremont. Good job!

From the Logbook

December 22, 2002 (Sun)

December has been an extremely wet month here in the Bay Area, but fortunately there was a long-enough reprieve for me to squeeze in one more self-supported century for the year.

Because I hadn’t been riding much since the 2002 Death Valley Double, focusing most of my training on running in preparation for the California International Marathon, I wanted to do something flat and easy. Hence this ride. I was actually climbing quite well, but my endurance was definitely off compared to months ago when I had peaked for the year. Somewhat demoralizing, but this is the off-season!

I ended up having to ride about an hour in darkness since I started really late, like 11:30 in the morning. Luckily I had my blinking taillamp; would have been a good idea to bring a headlamp too. This ride meant that I had done a century every single month this year except for February, and in fact every single month (except February) since November of 2001! I hope to maintain this streak well into 2003!

Dumbarton Bridge bike trail
The bike trail along the Dumbarton Bridge, from Newark to East Palo Alto, California.