Featured photo for Marin Headlands, CA

Marin Headlands, CA

Finally added photos from hiking at the Marin Headlands with Hank, Josephine, Michelle, Pin-pin, and Rafael.

Hank and Rafael beyond the "CAUTION! Do not go beyond this point!" point.
Crashing waves on a beautiful December day.
There's Pin-pin, Rafael, Michele (special guest from the east), and Josephine on this supposedly "EASY!" hike (according to Pin-pin).
Mt. Tam (the highest point in Marin County) and other mountains in the distance to the north.
Felix Wong enjoying the view...
...while the others chat and Michele starts NAPPING!
Dangerous Pin-pin doing her karate chop.
Following Rafael back to the car... but not this way!  [See Pin-pin's pictures]