Featured photo for Mission Peak, CA
Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak

Mission Peak, CA

Pics from hiking at Mission Peak with Adrian, Doug, Evelyn, Kathleen, and Merry.

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Half of our group, about 15 minutes into the hike: Merry, Felix, Evelyn, and Kathleen.
Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak
A cow looking at us on the way up. Adrian took several pics of the cow's butt, but we are still waiting for those.
Felix Wong with the cow.
Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak
A great surprise: I run into Jonah, my roommate during 1994-5 at Stanford, by complete coincidence as he is coming down while we are going up.  We seem to randomly run into each other every few years or so!
Jonah with Felix, who was sweating profusely not so much because the day was warm (it wasn't) but because he was carrying 39 lbs. of mainly iron weights in his pack.  "Good training"
Our group at the top, enjoying the view: Merry (5th from the left), Doug, Kathleen, Adrian, and Evelyn.  Sorry to cut half of you off in this picture, Evelyn!
Merry and Felix, munching on some honey whole wheat pretzels from Trader Joe's... yum...
Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak
The view of the bay.  You can see the main trail we switchbacked up.  Due to "East Bay" restoration projects, it seemed like access to the top was limited to the main trail; gone are the steeper singletrack fireroads of yore.
Kathleen and Doug did a little exploring!
Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak
Adrian and Evelyn munching on their homemade oat bars.
A better picture of Adrian and Evelyn.
Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak
Us going down.  Isn't Mission Peak so wonderfully green right now?
More bovine, some of them quite hungry.
It seemed like a hundred people decided to come hike Mission Peak today so we had to park a 1/4-mile away.  Here's Merry pointing at Goldie.