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Tribute to Lina

This is a tribute to Lina, my former BMW Z3, the most competent motoring machine I have owned to date. She was sold in order to simplify my life while I trained for some milestone athletic events that year (most notably, the Davis Brevet Series, Ironman Coeur d’Alene, and Paris-Brest-Paris), and also to make room for a 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider that I purchased after the events were over. During the intervening months, Goldie was my only car and daily driver. She filled in Lina’s big shoes rather respectably!

[Feb  2003] Lina and Goldie, inside the Garage Majal when it was about 25% complete.
Detail of Lina's classic gills, reminiscent of the BMW 507s of the 1950s.
Because she is "German Art"...
Lina's classic wood- and chrome-trimmed interior, somewhat reminiscent of my 1969 MGB's custom interior.
Lina in what I dubbed, "Sports Car Alley," as it seems like half of my neighbors have sports cars.
A view of Lina's instruments while navigating thru Palomares Canyon, one of my favorite local drives.
Lina at the top of Palomares Canyon on a beautiful February day.  Classic motoring at its finest, in the finest vehicle I've ever had the pleasure of having up to now.
[Mt. Whitney, Sep 2000] Flashback from the past: Lina stops in Yosemite after our Mt. Whitney adventure.
[Point Reyes, Feb 2001 "German Art" meets "Brit Boxster" at the parking lot just south of the Coast Trail.
[17 Mile Drive, Sep 2001] Pretty Lina along the coast.
[Sep  2001] Doing a little (well, over 12 miles) of off-roading in Tahoe to get to a climb.  She was a tough little car!