2000 BMW Z3

Welcome to the page dedicated to Lina, the brand new Atlanta Metallic Blue ’00 BMW Z3 2.3 I had from February 2000 to February 2003. She’s German but the vintage British sports car spirit was there. In fact, as BMW even owned the MG marque for much of the 90’s, we can even consider her a distant cousin of the MGF!

In many ways, she was similar to Goldie, with similar length, driving position, round gauges, wooden center console and gear-shift knob. However, the melodious and torquey 2.5L inline-6, toggle-switch-like stick and so-easy-to-put-up-or-down power top put her in a class of her own. What beautiful sounds she made! This was vintage sports car motoring at its finest!

Lina’s 15 Words of Fame

Yes, it’s true, Lina’s famous! Well, not really, although her collector’s license plates have gotten special mention in the Wheels section of the Northern California Ang Newspapers. They benefit the National Arts Council.

So why “German art”? Because that’s what she is!


Pretty Good Gas Mileage

Despite having a six-cylinder engine, Lina doesn’t get terrible gas mileage. Most of the time she is averaging around 26 MPG for mixed city/highway driving. She even achieved 31 mpg going down from Yosemite to the Bay Area once.

[Feb  2003] Lina and Goldie, inside the Garage Majal (which, unfortunately, is only about 25% complete so far.). (February 1, 2003)Detail of Lina's classic gills, reminiscent of the BMW 507s of the 1950s. (February 1, 2003)Because she is "German Art"... (February 1, 2003)Lina's classic wood- and chrome-trimmed interior, somewhat reminiscent of... Goldie's interior! (February 1, 2003)Lina in what I dubbed, "Sports Car Alley," as it seems like half of my neighbors have sports cars! (February 1, 2003)A view of Lina's instruments while navigating thru Palomares Canyon, one of my favorite local drives. (February 1, 2003)Lina at the top of Palomares Canyon on a beautiful February day.  Classic motoring at its finest, in the finest vehicle I've ever had the pleasure of having.  Here's to you, Lina! (February 1, 2003)[Mt. Whitney, Sep 2000] Flashback from the past: Lina stops in Yosemite after our Mt. Whitney adventure. (September 4, 2000)[Point Reyes, Feb 2001 "German Art" meets "Brit Boxster" at the parking lot just south of the Coast Trail. (February 17, 2001)[17 Mile Drive, Sep 2001] Pretty Lina along the coast. (August 22, 2001)[Sep  2001] Doing a little (well, >12 miles) of off-roading in Tahoe to get to a climb.  She was a tough little car! (September 16, 2001)

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