Point Reyes, CA

Pics from Kathleen’s B-day celebration at Point Reyes in April. Most pics courtesy of Adrian and Evelyn.

At the Sky Trailhead parking lot, here's Merry with here colorful umbrella and all set for a hike in the rain.Adrian and Evelyn, packing their camping gear while we waited for others to arrive.All of us gathered around the picnic table to enjoy all of the yummy food that Kathleen had prepared for us.  Thanks, Kathleen! Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.The great tent that Doug had put up for all of us.  Thanks, Doug! Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.Evelyn on the trail, with a glimmer of a lake behind her through the two trees. Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.All of us at the top of... Mt. I-forget-its-name.  (I want to say Mt. McDonald but I know that cannot be it!)  Hey, the "non-Illuminite" black windbreaker I picked up at Performance Bicycle Shop for $10 a couple of years ago seems to be... illuminating! Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.Felix Wong and others checking the map after a couple of wrong turns. Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.Back on course! Still raining... Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.Kathleen and others warming up their hands over the birthday cake! Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.Kathleen makes a wish... Photo: Adrian Mikolajczak.Adrian snapping a self-portrait while managing to get the rest of us in the pic.(Photo:  Adrian & Evelyn)It finally started to clear up!  Note the mist coming off the trees a la the Great Smokies of Tennessee and Georgia.(Photo:  Adrian & Evelyn)

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