Paris Museums

It doesn’t matter if you are not that into art; any time you go to a city like Paris, you must visit its museums. I went to visit the Orsay Museum and the Louvre, the latter being home of the Mona Lisa.

[Louvre] Before the French Revolution, the Louvre was the royal palace in Paris.  Then the commoners took it over and turned it into a museum.  The glass pyramid also wasn't there until last century, designed by an American! (August 15, 2003)[Louvre] The modern glass pyramid looks pretty cool but a little out of place, in my opinion... (August 15, 2003)[Louvre] This is one of the fragments of la Frise des Panathenees, which decorated the exterior of the greatest Athenian temple, the Parthenon, in 440 B.C. In this fragment, a half-main/half-horse creature is [Louvre] The Venus de Milo was indicative of the ancient Greeks' idea of a beautiful woman.  But to me, the head could have easily passed for a young man! (August 15, 2003)[Louvre] Is this the coolest statue or what?  It's the Guerrier Combattant, dit Gladiateur Borghese (Borghese Gladiator), made around 325 B.C.. (August 15, 2003)[Louvre] At last, I see the Mona Lisa!!  Note the huge crowd around it, including many people who seemed to walk right by the other exhibits without giving so much as a glance.  It is a great painting, though, exuding both beauty and intrigue.[Orsay Museum] Outside the Musee d'Orsay (Orsay Museum) was what must have been the most talented musician in the world... a guy playing the trombone, accordian, symbols, and drums, all at the same time![Orsay Museum] Soft porn of the 19th century?  This is a stunning painting by Ingres called La Source.  It is absolutely gorgeous![Orsay Museum] I never got to see the Opera in Paris, but at least I got to see a mock-up of it in the Musee d'Orsay...[Orsay Museum] The Orsay Museum houses a few of Rodin's works.  I believe there are more of Rodin's works near L'Orangerie in Paris.  There's also a significant collection in the Stanford Art Museum in California!Just outside (west) of the Louvre is L'Jardine des Tuileries.  Despite being a dense city, Paris has an abundance of parks, trees, and flowers.

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