Featured photo for MG Lighthouse Tour

MG Lighthouse Tour

Pics from the MG Lighthouse Tour.

On this rainy Saturday, Sharon and I went to have lunch with fellow MG Owners Club members at Alice's in Woodside, CA.  We had passed by this historic restaurant many times during bicycle rides, but this would be our first time actually eating there.
After having a nice lunch from the menu replete with items such as "The Ducati" [French toast] and "Triumph" [a turkey burger], MGOC members gathered for a group shot in front of some of the cars.
Most people brought MGs, but here is a Morgan Plus 4.
At this meeting I returned Mike Jacobsen's orbital buffer, which Mike had graciously lent me a couple of months ago.  "But where am I going to put it?" Mike asked, since the box was to big for the trunk in his MGA and the passenger seat was needed for his guest...
Problem solved!  Mike took everything out of the box, rearranged things in the trunk, and flattened the box.  It was quite entertaining to watch.  "And if anyone needs to do a wax and polish along the coast..."
In this pic you can see the MGs, Morgan, and my Alfa.  All of the British cars took off for the drive through the backroads to see the Pigeon Point Light House Annual Light-Up.  Unfortunately, Sharon and I could not join in the drive as we had to go to Planet Granite for the Cranberry Crank, but at least this made it more acceptable to be driving an Italian car here, I suppose.
Side view of the Moggie in front of Alice's motorcycle shop.  Too bad there were no motorcycles here on this rain-slick day as there usually are!