Featured photo for City Beach Bouldering: Wind

City Beach Bouldering: Wind

Here are some photos from a bouldering competition at City Beach Fremont from December 2003. The bouldering comp was dubbed Wind, one of an earth-wind-water-fire series.

This was the Bouldering Competition "Wind", the 2nd of a 4-part bouldering series at City Beach.  Here's Eric trying one of the intermediate problems above a passageway.
Oops... this was the result of a little accident occurring while trying to transport a drink barrel across the padded floor. "Free beer!"
Felix Wong attempting Problem #31, a 720-pt problem.  I could get to the 2nd-to-the-last hold, but despite about 10 attempts and getting some skin torn off of my right arm... no success.  A good one to work on in the upcoming weeks...
Sweet Sharon herself, who came to watch and offer moral support.
Jasper was awesome on this climb, which required a huge dyno just to START and then a funky balancing move to finish.  This was worth ~1400 points!
Superwoman Corinne was there again, too.  It was all great fun!
Lots of people here.  You can see me talking with Sharon in this photo.
Talking with Sharon in this one also.