Featured photo for Heavenly, CA

Heavenly, CA

Skiing at Heavenly with Carlos and Kristina.

At last!  Thanks to my good friends Carlos and Kristina, I finally get to hit the slopes on skis.  Here at Heavenly I took a 2-hour course by a great instructor named Chris, who taught me how to side-step, snow plow, and turn.
Feeling confident about my newfound skiing abilities, I go up the Gunbarrel Express to meet Carlos and Kristina....
... and 10 minutes later, there's Carlos!  It is definitely windier and colder up here than below, and the snow is much icier.
Carlos had his snowboard....
...while Kristina used her telemark skis, often leading the way for me down a couple of runs.
Felix, having survived his first day of skiing with no injuries, aside from a bruised lower lip (a result of one of my crashes)  It was an encouraging day; felt very natural, just have to get used to some of the steeper slopes and the sheer number of skiiers sharing the slopes!