Featured photo for City Beach Bouldering: Water

City Beach Bouldering: Water

Here are some photos from a bouldering competition at City Beach Fremont from January 2004. The bouldering comp was dubbed Water, one of an earth-wind-water-fire series.

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I had a terrible first hour, where I couldn't get up even a 400-pt problem until this climb right here.  Then I somehow returned to form and hit 4 straight 600+ problems in a row.
Photo: CityBeach.com
Heidi, as usual, was her awesome self, winning the Women's Intermediate division!
Photo: CityBeach.com
Here's Ashley on the wall, and Heidi can be seen in here too.
Photo: CityBeach.com
Josh, after missing the last comp in order to help the Wind Song Foundation, was here, along with his father Rick who even competed himself this time.
Dude on a difficult overhanging climb.
Ashley again, who kindly swapped me prizes in the after-comp raffle (in which I keep winning women's clothing!)  Next and final comp coming up: "Fire" in February.