Home Depot Half Marathon

Running the Home Depot Half-marathon in San Francisco, along with Kevin, Phil, Sharon, and Steve B. It was a little cold and misty–cold enough to use gloves–but not too bad for running.

Race Data

Final time: 1:39:56 (7:38/mile)
Division place: 58
Men place: 508
Overall place: 598/3364
Official results

It was a damp and dark early-morning start, and I had problems waking up in time to meet the others from the Tri-City Tri Club.  Indeed, I still look half-asleep here. Photo: brightroom.com.Yet, on this SuperBowl Sunday, I managed to beat my personal best by almost 5 minutes, finishing in 1:39:56 (7:37/mile pace).  Here I'm wearing the singlet Loren sent me as a surprise holiday gift just 2 days before the event... good timing.  Thanks, bud! Photo: brightroom.com.Here's Phil in the early going through Golden Gate Park.  Photo: brightroom.com.Three cheers for the members of the Tri-City Tri Club who were here: Steve B., Phil, Sharon, Kevin, and Felix.  We also saw Gary and Bic (two other members from TC^2) here.  Photo: brightroom.com.Phil again, this time on what I believe is the return stretch of the Great Highway along the Pacific Coast.(Photo:  brightroom.com.)

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