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Kelly’s Housewarming Party

I went to a housewarming party hosted by Kelly Brazil, a friend from high school. He had just purchased a very nice flat in San Francisco, which he even painted a few walls in Ralph Lauren designer colors and furnished very tastefully. I got to meet some of his friends, and he told us many interesting stories about his religious upbringing.

It was great to catch up with him—so great that I hung out with everyone until 1:00 a.m. From there, I drove up to Napa Valley for the Napa Valley Marathon, sleeping in the car for three hours. The marathon went ok; perhaps you could say the party had energized me.

This weekend Kelly, who I last saw at the Lincoln High School reunion, had a great housewarming party.  He's in the center flanked by his 6'10" bro Darin; friends Alan, Roland, and Tonya; and mom Colinda (in front).
This was also a housewarming party for Kelly's girlfriend Jayne, who lives on the floor directly below him.
Another shot of everyone, this time listening to a funny story told by Kelly's sister Deidra (not shown) about Kelly growing up with his Commodore 64, which he not only programmed on but took apart multiple times.
The lovely Deidra herself, whom I really enjoyed talking with during much of the party.
Kelly telling a funny anecdote.  Too bad I didn't get any more shots of his new home which he did a good job decorating (even painted with Ralph Lauren paints), but we all had a great time with many laughs!